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Martingale Betting System

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Martingale is a staking plan that is most closely associated with roulette but can actually be used for other popular US online casino games such as blackjack or baccarat. In fact, just about any bet that pays odds of evens or thereabouts and has a roughly 50% chance of success is suitable for Martingale.

What is the Martingale System?

The Martingale System is a negative progression staking plan. This means that after a losing bet you increase your stake. In the case of Martingale you double the stake after each loss, reverting to the base staking unit after any win.

Why is it so Popular?

The system, which was invented in France in the 1700s, remains popular to this day, with many players believing they have hit upon a foolproof way to make money that cannot lose. Because you double your stake, any win, even after a long string of losses, means you are in profit overall and so players believe they can always dig themselves out of any hole by doubling the stake until they win.

Does it Work?

The short and sweet answer is no, Martingale DOES NOT WORK. That is the case if, by work, we mean provide a risk free way to make money from online casino games such as roulette or blackjack, or other games available at the best US online casinos that have similar odds/payouts.

Why Martingale Doesn’t Work

Martingale cannot overcome the fact that in roulette the house has the advantage. The zero (never play double zero versions of roulette!) gives the casino an edge of 2.70% and whatever numbers you bet on and whatever stakes you use, in the long term that is what the casino will win from the player. All Martingale does is shift the pattern of winning and losing, such that you may have lots of small wins before one huge loss wipes them out… and then some.

If you had infinite time, money, stamina, courage and a casino with no limits, Martingale would work and you could always double your stake. However, in reality almost all players will hit a losing streak that means they run out of cash at some stage and are hit with a huge loss. This WILL happen and so our advice is simple – whether playing roulette or any other casino game, don’t use the Martingale System!

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