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Several Casino Games Added

Posted on August 29, 2016 | No Comments on Several Casino Games Added

Casino GamesHere at USCasinoReport.com we are always trying to make our website better and provide more information for USA online casino players. Our website is always a “work in progress” and it will never actually be finished as we will continue to add more information, more reputable USA online casinos and general news as often as possible.

In that philosophy of always adding more information, we have added a few more pages covering several casino games. On these pages you can find the best USA online casino and casinos for playing that particular game as well as how to play the game, the rules of the game and some basic strategy where applicable. At some point we hope to have every casino game added but for now we have added pages for Sic Bo, Let it Ride and Keno. Other games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Craps already exist as well as USA online slots, online video poker and live dealer casino games.

For the few casino games we have added, whether you have played the game in the past or have never given that particular game a try, please read over the information we have put together. You never know you may just find a new favorite game. Sic Bo for example is a casino game found both online and at brick and mortar casinos but we had never played it until about 1 year ago. After learning the basics of the game and playing a few times we realized we like playing Sic Bo and now play on regular occasions.

If you too are unfamiliar with Sic Bo, it is a dice game where several different bets are available and you can win as much as odds of 180-1. While the 180-1 bet is somewhat of a “sucker bet”, there are plenty of other bets we like and Sic Bo provides as much or as little action as you the player¬†may¬†want. You can make one bet per game, two bets, three bets, or as many as you want. On average we bet between 4 and 5 different bets with each roll of the dice. See our online Sic Bo page for more information about this fun casino game and also the best real money online casinos to play at. Like all the online casinos we recommend, they all accept USA players and do a great job getting USA deposits approved.

Another casino game we have added to our website is Let it Ride. Let it Ride is a card game where the object of the game is to get the best poker hand. Based on your hand you win odds with the higher the hand paying higher odds. You must get a pair of 10’s or better to be paid off at even money but get a Royal Flush and be paid 500-1 on your bet. Let it Ride also has a progressive jackpot where you can win a portion or the entire jackpot depending on your winning hand. We play online Let it Ride a lot and given the chance you too may enjoy the game. Find the best USA online casinos for playing online Let it Ride as well as full instructions on how to play the game and also some basic strategy.

The other game we recently added is for playing real money online Keno. Keno is a jackpot game where you pick numbers similar to a lottery in hopes of matching your numbers with the numbers drawn by the Keno machine. Bet as little a $1 playing online Keno but have a chance at winning thousands and even hundreds of thousands playing real money Keno online. See more on playing online Keno as well as the best USA online casinos to play at.

Give these newly added casino games a try or see all the online casino games where we have reviewed the game, listed the best USA online casino for playing each game, provide rules and strategy as well as screenshots of what the game looks like. Our pages for the different games we have reviewed should have all the information you need to play the game online or at a brick and mortar casino. Good Luck at the tables and if you prefer playing online slots see all the USA casinos we recommend for playing online slots for real money.

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