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Betting Sports Including Major League Baseball

Betting sports can be very entertaining and also profitable with all the betting options we have today. It used to be back in the day you had to bet on event before it started. And if you didn’t you can not bet that event anymore. Well all of that changed with the introduction of live betting. Now you can bet games while they are going on and there are many different bets you can make and not just who you think might win the game. USA Online Casino is a great place to start when it comes to checking out which online casinos have sports books for USA players. Not all online casinos have them and you’ll want to make sure you sign up at a trusted online casino that has been around a while.

Major League baseball is currently finishing up their spring training with the regular season set to kick off on Thursday. Baseball can be a great sport to bet on as you can often find plus lines in games that are pretty much a coin toss. Lets take a look at this a little closer. For example, Seattle is about to play San Diego tomorrow and they are +115 while San Diego is -135. What this mean is that if you bet $100 on Seattle to win you will get back $215 ($115 profit) if they win. If you bet San Diego you will have to bet $135 to win (profit) $100. Well this game is basically a coin toss as either team can win this game. Well with 80 or so games a week in baseball what if you bet on all the teams in all the games that were +100 to +120? If they won 50 percent of the time you’d profit a good bit depending on the amount you bet each time. We have not tested this strategy, but we just might this year.

Or what if you Martingale (double your bet each time you lose) on a team that is +100 to +120? You may need a little bigger bankroll for this as you could potentially lose several bets in a row before you win, but when you do win you’ll be profiting. There are plenty of articles out there on Martingaling, but they are usually for bets where you double your money. Here you are more than doubling your money which may be a big advantage. Let us know if you try any of these strategies or any other you might be doing.  Check out our Casino Reviews.

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