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Play Pai Gow Poker Online

March 5, 2019 Category :Games 0

Play Pai Gow Poker online at the best USA online casinos. If you want to play, or learn how to play Pai Gow Poker, see our online Pai Gow Poker page which not only lists the best USA online casinos to play Pai Gow but also describes the game and has information on to play the game. Pai Gow Poker is a fun variant of standard poker where you make two poker hands out of 7 cards and try to beat the dealer.

Pai Gow Poker is a relatively new game only being created and played at casinos since 1985. Pai Gow Poker is played with a standard 52 card deck in addition to one Joker. Pai Gow is a variant of standard poker and starts by both the Dealer and the Player receiving 7 cards. With these 7 cards the Player must create a 5 card poker hand and a two card poker hand with the goal of having a better poker hand than the dealer with both hands. Standard poker rankings apply with the exception of the Wheel (Ace-2-3-4-5) being the second highest straight.

When creating your 2 poker hands some rules do apply. To start, your 5 card poker hand must be of higher value than your two card poker hand. If you are dealt a Joker, the Joker may be used in your 5 card hand to complete any straight or flush. If the Joker is used in your 2 card hand the Joker is always an Ace.

Once completing your 5 and 2 card poker hands, both the Player and Dealer reveal their hands and the game winner s determined. In order to win, the Player must have a better 5 card hand and 2 card hand the Dealer. If the Player beats the Dealer with both hands they are paid their bet. If the Player only has one winning hand, that is a winning 5 card and a losing 2 card hand or vice versa, the game is a Push and your bet is returned. If the Player loses both the 5 card hand and the 2 card hand the Dealer wins and the Player losses their bet.

If you ant to play Pai Gow Poker online several of our top rated USA online casinos offer the game. Our overall best USA online casino, Lucky Red, does offer Pai Gow Poker and is our top recommended online casino to play the game. Other USA Pai Gow online casinos include BetOnline, Ignition, Aladdins Gold, Vegas Crest and Planet 7. Use any of these real money online casinos and play Pai Gow Poker for fun or real money.

See our online Pai Gow Poker page for information on this fun game and also more information on the USA online casinos that offer it. Then use any of our links the casino of your choice and also collect the best Pai Gow Poker bonus available.

Pai Gow Poker Table

Pai Gow Poker Table

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Illinois Sees Gambling as Answer to Budget Woes

March 23, 2017 Category :Regulation 0

Gift of MoneyThe Illinois Senate has given its full support to the bill that plans to introduce six new casinos in the state with the aim to stabilize the shaken financial situation of the state. The idea of gambling expansion comes as an answer to the failed attempts to devise an effective budget plan over the last two years. Next to six new casinos, the new draft bill plans to reduce the tax rate in addition to slot machines at airports and racetracks. If this bill does gets passed and Illinois does in fact get the go ahead to build these six casinos it will be like a huge gift to the cash strapped state.

Gambling is the way out

For the past two years Illinois has been functioning without a budget plan and now it seems gambling industry could be its savior, by generating revenue through license fees and tax rates. Precisely this is the reason why state legislators have decided to draft and propose a bill that would allow for six new casinos to be built within the borders of the state. Popularly called “Grand bargain” has received the support of the Senate, however, there are other hurdles to be crossed. Prior to enforcing this proposal, a set of related bills also must be passed.

Everyone benefits

Should all go in favour of the gambling expansion the six new casinos will be built in Chicago, Lake County, Rockford, Danville and Williamson County, while airports and horse racing tracks will be allowed to add slot machines. The existing “river-boat” casinos will also benefit from the new legislation. In fact, their current tax rate of 50% will be dramatically reduced to 20% for slots and 16% for table games. In addition to that, the existing casinos will be allowed to add 400 seats at their premises.

Senator Terry Link has sponsored the analysis of this gambling expansion plan and came forth with the results which look promising. It is estimated by the analysis that the state would generate around $1 billion from license fees, while the annual revenue would record an increase of 18% which amounts to over $500 million. Furthermore, the construction of six new casinos will open new workplaces and improve touristic offer of the state.

Opposing arguments

No matter how fiercely the advocates of gambling expansion indicate the benefits that the new casinos will bring, there are still those who do not see gambling as the best way to tackle the budget issues. Anita Bedell, director of Illinois Church Action on Alcohol and Addiction Problems points to the possible problems gambling could create and she also states that gambling expansion could, in fact, cost more than it will earn. She states: “For every $1 gambling brings the state, taxpayers dole out $3 to address the accompanying uptick in addiction, crime and bankruptcy.”

She also raises an interesting question of the competitiveness of the land-based casino in the world of video gaming and online casinos. With the constant development and growth of online gambling this is a matter to consider. However, there are no words on dealing with legalizing online gambling, even though this might be a better solution for the financially shaken state of Illinois.

Wrap Up

Currently, only Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey offer legal online gambling, though many states are fighting to join them. Online gambling is becoming increasingly popular as players can enjoy playing in real money online casinos right from the comfort of home. Even play using a real live human being as the dealer at any of our recommended USA live dealer casinos. Watch your game unfold in real time over a live streaming feed. See more on any of our USA live online casinos.

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Online Casino and Sportsbook Combinations

September 20, 2016 Category :Featured Casinos 0

BetOnline Casino and SportsbookYou can always find the best USA online casinos listed here at USCasinoReport, but if you also like to use a sportsbook from time to time to bet on sports, a few of our top recommended casinos also have a full service and online sportsbook. In fact, in most cases it was the sportsbook that came before the casino. Some of the best online sportsbook operators decided to also open an online casino so now you have an online casino and sportsbook combination where you can use both from the same account. In some cases you an also find an online poker room so you can basically do anything and everything online gaming related from just one account.

Our top choice for an online casino and sportsbook combination is BetOnline. BetOnline is not only our top recommended USA live dealer casino but they also operate an award winning full service and online sportsbook. BetOnline opened back in 2001 first as an online sportsbook (hence the name BetOnline) and then graduated to also offering a USA online casino. The sportsbook offers everything you can imagine for sportsbetting and has one of the largest slates for just about any sport as well as other betting options like politics, wall street and also horse racing. The sportsbook at BetOnline is accessible by both phone and computer and the app for mobile betting is one of the best. We also like to bet on sports and we use BetOnline more than any other sportsbook.

The BetOnline Casino also does not disappoint. You can find one of the largest selections of online casino games including live dealer games. Live dealer games have become very popular and BetOnline offers some of the best. They are our top ranked live casino and gets the #1 spot over all USA live dealer casinos.

If you like playing online slot machines for real money you can also choose from close to 100 different machines. BetOnline uses the RIVAL casino software which is known for their great slots which include popular 3D slots. If you want a shot at a huge jackpot check out the progressive slot jackpots at BetOnline and find jackpots of over $1 million at almost at any given time. The bottom line is BetOnline not only offers a great online casino for every type of player, if you also want to bet on sports and use a sportsbook you have one of the best available. And if you like to play poker you can also play at their online poker site. Use everything BetOnline offers from just one account and only have one account to manage and fund. For more information see our BetOnline Casino review and then use any of our links to visit the casino and sportsbook.

Our other recommendation for a USA online casino and sportsbook combination is 5Dimes. Like BetOnline, 5Dimes first opened as sportsbook back in 1996. The sportsbook at 5Dimes is also available online and offline and also has just about any sport and sporting event available to wager on.

The 5Dimes Casino is not our first choice for casino play, but it does get the job done. If you are a table games player the casino does offer a good selection of games as well as live dealer games. Table games players will be content using the 5Dimes casino but if you are a serious slots player we would recommend BetOnline over 5Dimes. One advantage to using 5Dimes is their fast withdraws. If you make a withdraw by Bitcoin or cash transfer you can expect to have your funds in less than 24 hours in most cases. If you are a tables games player 5Dimes is more than adequate and they also offer live dealer casino games. If you play a lot of slots we would recommend BetOnline. See our 5Dimes Casino review for more information and get started using this USA online casino and sportsbook combination by clicking any of our links to go straight to the 5Dimes website.

Use either of our recommended USA online casino and sportsbook combinations to play at the online casino when you want and also bet on sports. These are the best places to to everything gambling from the same account. Sign up at BetOnline or 5Dimes for a top rated online sportsbook and also use the online casino.

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Play Any Casino Game Online

August 3, 2016 Category :Games 0

Online Casino Table GamesIf you want to play online casino table games we have listed the best USA online casinos for every casino game offered online. Some online casinos offer a better experience for a particular game than others and some online casino have a much larger selection of casino table games than others. Whether you like to play a variety of different games or mainly stick to one particular game, see the best USA online casinos for each game.

The Lucky Red Casino is our top USA online casino in general and one main reason is because of the selection of games offered and by offering the best experience for most of them. You will find Lucky Red as the top recommended online casino for many of the casino table games offered but there are a few where we do recommend a different casino. See all the different online casino games offered and the best casinos for each game. Whether you want to play blackjack, craps, let it ride, live dealer games or keno, see a listing of the best USA online casino for each. You can also see our full Lucky Red Casio review for more information on why we name Lucky Red our best USA online casino and to see the all different casino games they offer.

For each of the casino games we have listed, you can not only find the best online casinos to play them but also rules and some basic strategy. Whether you have played a game many times or are completely new to a game, by the time you read our entire overview of the game you will be ready to play for real money.

One group of games that are becoming very popular are live dealer casino games. Using a live dealer casino you can certain games where you are connected by a live streaming feed to an actual brick and mortar casino where you games like blackjack, baccarat and roulette. You have an actual real person running the game and you interact with the dealer and the game with your computer. If you have not tried any live dealer games and like table games such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette and/or casino holdem, a live dealer casino really is a must try. You can see all the USA live online casinos we recommend and start playing immediately. Some of the live dealer casinos even allow you to play using the instant play version of their casino so there is not even any software to download.

So if you want to play casino table games online, see the different online casino games we have recommendations for and play at the best USA online casino for each game. We also also have the best online casinos for playing online slots for real money and online video poker.

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USA Online Casino Deposit and Withdraw Options

June 4, 2016 Category :Banking 0

Deposits and WithdrawsA major part of this website and a main reason we started USCasinoReport was to make sure other USA online casino players were able to get deposits approved. We ourselves struggled to find good online casinos that not only accepted USA players but also were able to get USA deposits approved, especially credit cards. Through the years this website has grown to be much more than just a website for online casino banking recommendations but we do still only recommend reputable and safe online casinos that have easy deposit options and send withdraws quickly.

The main and most popular way to fund your online casino account is by credit card and we have a great listing of USA online casinos that accept credit cards. Find a listing of USA online casinos that accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and even Discover credit cards. The BetOnline Casino also accepts Diners Club ( the only USA online casino we know of that does), so regardless which type of credit card you want to use you can find a great online casino where your deposit will get approved.

Aside from credit cards USA players can also deposit by cash transfer (Western Union and Money Gram) as well as Bitcoin. Bitcoin has just recently came into the USA online casino industry and we are pretty happy it has. Making a Bitcoin deposit is very easy and fast and the online casinos that accept Bitcoin deposits also are able to send withdraws by Bitcoin. Cash transfers are a guaranteed way of getting money into your USA online casino account but are not very convenient. One thing cash transfers are good for is withdraws. The online casinos that are able to send withdraws by cash transfer are very fast. In fact we have had our cash pickup details in as little as 12 hours after requesting our withdraw.

If want to see a listing of USA online casinos that accept and approve the different deposit options offered check out our USA online casino banking page. There you will not only find the best USA online casinos for making deposits by a variety of methods but also find the different withdraw options available and the online casinos that send withdraws by each method. Whether you want to request a check or bank wire, make a Bitcoin withdraw or receive a cash transfer, you can find the USA online casinos that offer each method.

As we said online casino banking was and is still a major part of our website and it has taken a few years to find the best USA online casinos to recommend. We do not add an online casino to our listing just because they might offer a particular banking option. We play at each and every online casino we recommend and only add the ones that we know offer a great experience and have a solid track record for fair games and sending withdraws quickly. Unlike other online casino websites that will list casino after casino, we only add an online casino after we have played there ourselves extensively and are confident not only our money is safe but yours will be too.

Use any of our recommended real money online casinos from the USA and you will always be able to get a deposit approved and you will receive your withdraws quickly. Good luck at the tables and machines and when you hit big you can rest easy knowing you will receive your winnings.

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No Triple Crown This Year

May 22, 2016 Category :General 0

Horse racing proved again this year just how hard it is to win the Triple Crown. Before last year it had been decades since a horse was able to win all three big races even though American Pharoh made it look easy. There was high hopes for a repeat with Nyquist this year, but Exaggerator ended those hopes beating Nyquist down the stretch in yesterdays Preakness.

Yes you are still on the right website to play and learn about online casinos, but we also like to follow horse racing and almost any big sporting event. In fact we we even have a webpage which shows the best online casinos with sportsbooks. If you like to play online casino games and online slots for real money but also want the ability to bet on sports, see one of those highly rated and safe online casino/sportsbook combinations.

You may want to use a sportsbook to bet on the upcoming Belmont Stakes, as with Nyquist losing yesterday you can expect more horses to enter the Belmont looking to win the 3rd leg of the triple crown. Since there is not a triple crown contender you can expect there to be good odds to make some money. The Kentucky Derby has historically been a race where if you can pick the winner you could expect a good payday, but with the favorites winning back to back years the payouts have smaller than usual. Now the Belmont looks to be the race where even if Nyquist or Exaggerator wins the race, you should get at least 3-1 odds if not better. This could be the rave where you can cash out a big exacta or trifecta.

If you want to bet on the Belmont or any other sporting event for that matter, use one of the safe online casinos we recommend that also offer a sportsbook. You can use both from the same account so there is no reason to make two deposits and spread your money between accounts. Make a single deposit to a USA online casino and enjoy all the games and slots the online casino offers and also use the sportsbook to bet on just about anything related to sports.

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Best Online Casinos for USA Players

May 17, 2016 Category :Featured Casinos 0

If you live in the United States and want to play an an online casino, see our listing of the best online casinos for USA players below. These online casinos all accept USA residents and have some great banking options for USA players as well. Whether you want to play online slots, table games, video poker or keno, all the online casinos below welcome USA players and offer a great online casino experience. You can always be sure your money is safe at these casinos and when you want to make a withdraw you can do so and receive your cash quickly. Use any of the online casino for USA players below and get started playing all your favorite casino games online.

USA Players Welcome

We like the Lucky Red Casino the best and they offer a huge selection of online slot machines and just about any table game imaginable. Lucky Red has always welcomed USA players and have actually developed their online casino around USA casino players. The majority of their players are from the USA so it only makes sense to cater to USA players. They make sure credit card deposits get approved and withdraws are processed fast. They also offer some great bonuses for signing up and making your first deposit as well as ongoing bonuses and promotions. Every time you make a deposit at Lucky Red you will have some type of deposit bonus available to claim. Add thousands of dollars to your bankroll which increases your chances of winning. We think you will really like what you get at Lucky Red but all the online casinos for USA players above offer a great online casino and you can always be sure your money is safe at every one of them.

Why Don’t all Online Casinos Accept USA Players?

That is a good question and it is rather puzzling to us why more online casinos don’t allow USA players but it all stems around a silly law passed back in 2006. In 2006 Congress passed a law called the “Safe Ports Act” which made it illegal for foreign companies to own USA ports. Ports as in places where big ships unload their cargo with goods to be sold here in the United States. Sounds like a good law and we would agree it is probably good that only USA companies have control of our countries ports. But why are we talking about ports and what does this have to do with online casinos?

Tucked into this law was a Title VII which was an act named the “Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act” which made it illegal for USA banks to knowingly process transactions related to gambling for USA residents. It was a rather slick move by two US Senators who wanted to pass a bill making Internet gambling illegal, but knew it wouldn’t pass on its own. So they added it to the Safe Ports Act and unknowingly many lawmakers voted passing the law without even knowing it. What they thought was a law protecting USA ports, also had this little caveat attached.

Since the UIGEA was passed it was delayed time after time before being enforced and even President Obama delayed it from being enforced. We are pretty sure this will be repelled eventually, but for the time being online casinos which are public companies and traded on stock exchanges are leary of the law and afraid to get credit card processors that will accept USA credit cards. As a result there is no way for USA players to make a deposit so what would be the point of allowing USA players?

The online casinos which do allow USA players take the stance that since they are located outside of the United States they do not need to abide by USA law. After all, do US companies abide by foreign laws? All the online casinos for USA players listed here on our website are licensed and regulated by governments outside of the United States and the only online casinos which do have a USA license are those which are run in certain states like New Jersey which have passed their own laws making online casino play 100% legal. The problem is if you do not live in New Jersey you cannot play at their online casinos.

If and when the UIGEA is repealed you can expect many more online casinos to once allow USA players. The USA gambling and online casino market is huge and these casinos will want their piece of the market. In the meantime the online casino for USA players listed here are great options to play at and all of them offer sign up bonuses when you make your first deposit. Be sure to use one of our links when you do visit the casino to make sure you are eligible for the best bonuses offered. Many of the online casinos we list offer our visitors bigger and bonuses bonuses and by using our link the casino will know you came from our website.

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Bet the Kentucky Derby

May 3, 2016 Category :Featured Casinos 0

Bet the 2016 Kentucky DerbyThe first Saturday in May has been a favorite day of mine for quite a few years and this year is no different than years of the past. This coming Saturday, May 7th, is the 142nd running of the Kentucky Derby. If the first Saturday in May is a favorite of yours also, and you want to bet on this years Kentucky Derby you can do so at a recommended USA online casino. See the online casinos with sportsbooks which we recommend and use the same account to play casino games and slots as well as place wagers in the sportsbook. Why maintain and fund two accounts (a casino and sportsbook account) when you can have a single account and do both?

Open an account at BetOnline or 5Dimes and enjoy everything gambling related. Both brands operate an online casino, an online and traditional sportsbook as well as an online poker room. USA players are welcome and will find good USA banking options at both sites as well. BetOnline has been in business since 2001 and 5Dimes has been operating 1996. Why is that important? With 35 years of experience in the gambling industry between the two, you can believe both are very safe online casinos.

A Little About these Online Casinos/Sportsbooks

The BetOnline Casino is one of the most trusted and reputable online casinos available. With 15 years experience in the industry, BetOnline knows how to treat their players and offers something for everyone. Play in the casino and find a great selection of online slots for real money and just about every table game you can imagine. BetOnline also offers a live dealer casino where you can play popular games like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Casino Holdem. Also find a nice variety of online poker machines as well as Keno. Regardless what you want to play, chances are BetOnline offers it.

Another advantage of playing at BetOnline is that they have great USA banking options. Deposit options include Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards. You can also send cash by using one of the cash transfer methods they accept or fund your account by Bitcoin. USA credit cards get approved easily so you should never have a problem getting money into your account. When you want to cash out you can request a Bank Wire, Paper Check or Cash Transfer. Withdraws are processed and sent quickly at BetOnline and if you need your winnings quickly request a cash transfer and have your cash pickup details in as little as 12-24 hours. See more details on this great USA online casino/sportsbook in our BetOnline Casino review.

We rank BetOnline as our top online casino and sportsbook but 5Dimes also offers a great product. Being one of the oldest online casinos and sportsbooks, 5Dimes is just about as secure as Fort Knox. Also accepting USA players, play table games, video poker and online slot machines for real money. 5Dimes is also one of our recommended USA live online casinos where you can play the same games as at BetOnline against a live dealer. Make a deposit with your USA Visa or MasterCard credit card, send cash via cash transfer or use Bitcoin. Withdraws are offered by check or cash transfer and both are received quickly. Check arrive in 2-3 business days and cash transfers can be available for pickup in as little as 12 hours. 5Dimes may have the fastest online casino withdraws and the only thing we can say negative about 5Dimes is that we have seen better approval rates for MasterCard deposits. Overall 5Dimes is a great USA online casino and sportsbook and you can see our full 5Dimes Casino review for more details.

Bet the 2016 Kentucky Derby Online

Use the sportsbook at either of our recommended online casinos and sportsbooks to bet the 2016 Kentucky Derby. They say the Kentucky Derby is the best 2 minutes in sports but it is also a great time to really make some money. With usually a pretty large starting field and millions of dollars in the wager pools, if you can pick the winner you are usually rewarded with a pretty good payout. If you are good enough, or lucky enough to hit the Exacta or Trifecta then you can really expect to cash out big.

Bet on this years Kentucky Derby at either BetOnline or 5Dimes and also play all your favorite casino games using the same account. Also be sure to claim a great bonus when making a deposit and use one of our links to visit BetOnline or 5Dimes to make sure you receive the best bonuses available. You can claim a bonus for the casino or the sportsbook and in some instances both. Another reason to use an online sportsbook to bet the Kentucky Derby is that if you do win big you will avoid paying any taxes on your winnings. Because the sportsbook is offshore you will get to keep every penny of your winnings and Uncle Sam wont get a cut. And while not so relevant for the Kentucky Derby, when you use an online sportsbook to bet on horse racing you will not affect the odds of your horse. If you make a big bet on a horse using traditional methods you can lower the odds of your horse and actually win less. By betting offshore your bet does not go into the prize pools and it will not affect the odds. Especially at smaller race tracks this can make a difference, but because so much money is bet on the Kentucky Derby your bet will not make much of a difference in the odds.

Good luck Saturday and maybe we can repeat with a triple crown winner two years in a row. For more information on this years derby see https://www.kentuckyderby.com which is a website dedicated to the Kentucky Derby.

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