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Win a Cruise at Black Diamond

June 17, 2017 Category :Promotions 0

Summer is approaching fast. Already the days are becoming hotter and hotter and it’s high time we started planning our summer vacations. Most of you will organize your time off on some sweet tropical destinations, where you will be sipping cocktails and getting your tan on a beautiful sunny beach. Well, what would you say if Black Diamond has an amazing offer that will make your dreamy vacation look like a boring field trip?

Picture this: an enormous cruise ship taking you to see all the beautiful parts of the world. Your own cabin with a private balcony where you can put your feet up while drinking expensive beverages. Wine tasting in a luxurious restaurant, top-quality Cuban cigars, a small theatre where you can enjoy classic plays. A perfect ocean view for the entire duration of your holiday. Did we grab your attention already? Maybe we should add room service and romantic dinners to the equation. Now, some would say that this kind of a vacation could cost an arm and a leg, but you don’t need to worry about the total price, since the good people of Black Diamond Casino will cover the costs completely.

We are positive that we got your complete attention by now. Of course, there is a catch, there is always a catch with something so tempting. Starting from 1st June, the Royal Cruise promotion is available at Black Diamond Casino. So, all loyal customers will get the chance to win the amazing Royal Cruise worth $4,000!

To join the action, players will have to visit this USA online casino, login on their accounts, or create an account if they are newcomers, and the battle for the top prize can start! Lots of tournaments will be available, and all of them will offer gamers a chance to win one of the three Casino Cruises on the offer. All you need to do is wager at least $50 on the games included in the promotion, and you will get one raffle ticket for the Royal Cruise Raffle. The best thing is that there are no limits when it comes to how many tickets you can get during the promotion. Our advice is – wager as much and as often as you can, since with more raffle tickets on your account you will have much more chances to win one of the three Royal Cruises.

On the 30th June, the raffle will be organized, and the luckiest three players will be richer for a dreamy holiday. The winners will be contacted to arrange the details of the cruise trip. If by any chance you cannot or will not go on this fabulous cruise, Black Diamond will offer you a cash prize worth 70% of the trip. So, it’s a win-win situation either way!

So, start wagering and start packing your bags, get your best swim suits on and wait for June to end, because your name may appear among the lucky winners. To get started see our complete Black Diamond Casino review and use any link to visit the casino.


Black Diamond May Promotion

May 4, 2017 Category :Promotions 0

Black Diamond CasinoSpring is a perfect time of the year when we can talk about birds and the bees. Don’t worry, it’s not that famous “The Birds and the Bees” story used by the parents to explain adult relationships to their children. No, this is a completely different story everybody would like to hear, because this time, the Birds and the Bees may reward you with some lucrative payouts.

Thanks to the Black Diamond Casino, USA players will have a delightful first week of May with packed with big rewards, due to a cool new promotion, which will start on 1st May. Since spring is all about birds singing and bees buzzing around, the good people of Black Diamond Casino decided to offer this excellent promo, which includes the very popular Betsoft’s Birds! and Pragmatic Play’s Bee Land video slots.

Hurry up and join the action as soon as you can, because the possible prizes could secure you a classy summer break! Three big cash prizes are there for the taking for three most active players who manage to top the leader board. The first prize is a whopping $4,000. The second prize is worth $2,000, while the third prize offers $1,000 in cash.

All gamers need to do in order to enter the tournament is deposit at least $50, which will secure them a place in the battle for one of the prizes. After that, the system will start tracking the progress of each gamer, and will turn every bet into points. Every $10 bet will get you one tournament point. In order to climb up the leader board, players will have to wager as much as they can, of course, if they want to finish the race in one of the first three places that guarantee prizes. The promotion will end on 7th May, and those gamers who gather the highest number of points will be able to afford a pricey summer holiday.

If you are not that fond of slots, there are plenty of other excellent promotions on offer at the Black Diamond Casino, so feel free to join and pick the one that suits you the most. If you are a newcomer and decide to join now, you will be greeted with a smashing 500% match bonus, up to $5,000 on every of your first five deposits.

For the last seventeen years since they entered the iGaming industry, the Black Diamond Casino has welcomed more than one million customers around the globe, so there is no doubt that they know how to please their members. With a wide range of casino games (including live dealer games) in their portfolio, a fun, exciting and safe online gaming experience can definitely be expected at the Black Diamond Casino.

For more information see our full Black Diamond Casino review and use any of our links to visit the casino and claim the best bonuses available. If you want a safe and secure USA online casino with a great selection of games and slots, the Black Diamond Casino is a great choice.

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Hawaii to Consider Gaming Bill

February 12, 2017 Category :Regulation 0

The number of US states trying to introduce online gambling into their legislation is growing as next to New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts that have been actively working on this issue in recent months another US state joins their battle and that is Hawaii. Couple of days ago Senator Will Espero proposed a bill SB677 which aims to legalize online poker, online casino games and lottery in the state. The main aim of the bill is to tackle the issue of illegal online gambling in the state and to use the potential of online gambling to boost the economy.

Hawaii is one of the few states in the US that has no land-based gambling facilities on its territory. Perhaps this is why many of its residents engage in illegal online gambling activities via offshore channels. This means that Hawaiian bettors enter into shady operations and they are not protected in any way. According to Senator Will Espero this problem can be solved by allowing online gambling within the state and introducing a law that would regulate the internet gambling activity. With this in mind SB677 implies the foundation of a regulatory body, Hawaii Internet Lottery and Gaming Corporation that would monitor and regulate US online poker, US online casinos and lottery. According to the draft bill online sports betting would not be allowed while the law would also set age limit for players, so as to prevent those under 19 from taking part in gambling activities.

On the other hand, there is the financial aspect of this matter. Legalizing online gambling would mean that tens of thousands of dollars that are currently spent illegally through online gambling channels would be directed into the state budget and invested into the improvement of education system. Similarly to other states proposing iGaming laws, Senator Espero’s proposal also includes paying a licensing fee and imposing a tax rate on generated revenue from gambling. The new regulations would allow for the state to enter into agreements with other states, as well as organize land-based gambling events as a part of tourist offer.

Last year, there have been several attempts to introduce regulated gambling in the state of Hawaii. More than 10 draft bills were introduced regarding lottery, daily fantasy sports, installing slot machines on airports and many other bills. Whether any of them will pass the Senate and come into effect in 2017 remains to be seen, but it seems that it will be a long haul.

With all the efforts Hawaii and other states, especially Pennsylvania are making, there is a positive cloud over the prospects of legalized online gambling. Namely, this cloud is reflected in the face of Senator Jeff Sessions, new US Attorney General who is known to be a strong opponent of online gambling. He announced the revisiting of America’s Federal Wire Act, since he claims that he does not agree with its current interpretation, which allows the regulation of online gambling on a state level.

As we wait for these states and online gambling as a whole to be legalized on a federal level, you can still play at the best US friendly online casinos available on the Internet. Our top rated US online casino is Lucky Red which offers a great selection of games and slots. Check out our Lucky Red Casino review for more details and to sign up. Another popular area of online gaming is live dealer games. Play against a real live person for popular games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette and casino holdem. See the best USA live dealer casinos and play at a brick and mortar casino right from home.

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Online Casino Mistakes

April 13, 2016 Category :General 0

If you’ve never played at a USA online casino before then this is a great time to read this article, because hopefully we can save you a lot of cash and a lot of frustration. We can’t tell you a guaranteed way to win playing slots or other real money casino games but we can tell you some near-certain ways to lose, or more exactly, how to avoid them.

Don’t Play Drunk!

Playing in a casino, either a USA legal online one or a “real” casino in Vegas or anywhere else should be great fun. Having a few beers can also be great fun. Mixing the two together rarely ends up being fun! Obviously having the odd drink whilst you play is fine but playing online casino games when you are drunk, tired, emotional or otherwise not in fully control, is a really bad idea. Your judgement is affected and you’ll more often than not make the wrong calls, be that knowing when to stop playing or something simple like forgetting to split eights at blackjack.

Don’t Play in a Casino you Don’t Trust

Which of the many USA real money online casinos in which you choose to play is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. The best are safe, secure, reliable, trustworthy, offer great games, fair bonuses and excellent customer support. The worst offer bonuses that sound too good to be true and are, games that look like they were made in high school and process payments about as quickly as a tortoise running through syrup. If they process them at all!

Never Chase Losses

Chasing losses is just the sort of thing you’re likely to do whilst drunk or not in the right frame of mind to be playing casino games. As former NBA coach Bernie Bickerstaff said, sometimes you’re the pigeon, and sometimes you’re the statue. Sometimes you’ll lose, but don’t make an acceptable loss turn into a devastating one by risking money you can’t afford to lose in the hope that you might win. You might win, but the day the loss comes, a bird’s droppings will be the least of your worries.

Play for Fun

Online casinos, offline casinos, any casinos – they all have the edge over the player. Don’t think you’ve got a winning system unless you’ve tested it and tested it and tested it. Then test it some more. Then ask a friend to test it.

Unless you’re a genius, you can’t beat the house, so play for fun, not profit, and accept that some days you’ll win, some you’ll lose. One thing you can be certain of is that regardless which USA online casino you choose listed here on our website, you will always be paid timely when you win. We only list the very best USA online casinos which all have great reputations for fast payouts.


Online Slot Review: Jackpot Pinatas

April 6, 2016 Category :Games 0

Jackpot Pinatas is a brilliant slot with a huge jackpot. In our review of this progressive slot we take a closer look at the value of the main jackpot and how to win it, as well as explaining the bonus feature and also what makes it such a fun slot.

Jackpot Pinatas is produced by Realtime Gaming (RTG) and as RTG games are found at most of the best USA online casinos and real money slots sites, you shouldn’t have any problem at all tracking it down.

It is a slot with a Mexican theme and is bright, breezy, fast and fun. In common with many, if not all, RTG slots, it features five reels and, again as with many of their products, it has 20 lines. The Mexican theme is enhanced by reasonable music and effects, and by Mexican symbols, including limes, tacos, sombreros and maracas.

Gameplay is very simple, with the only “extra” being autoplay and this ease of use means that whether you’re a slots starter or a piñata pro, you’ll be able to get going straight away.

The main thing to know about this slot is that it has a huge progressive jackpot: currently worth $1,767,520! That’s serious, lotto-style cash and would buy you a lovely casa on a dreamy Mexican beach or as many tequilas as you can drink – forever! In order to get your hands on almost $2m the symbol to look out for is the bull piñata, with five of these on a pay line leading to the progressive payout.

There are two other piñata symbols that are well worth watching too, with the dog piñata the scatter symbol that enters you into the Jackpot Pinatas bonus round and the donkey piñata the wild. The donkey substitutes for all other symbols aside from its piñata twins, whilst five donkeys will also land you a huge win worth 20,000 credits.

If you happen to get such a win whilst in the bonus feature, that will become 40,000 credits, because all bonus round wins are doubled! You’ll get 5, 10, 15 or a massive 25 free spins in the bonus, on top of a separate bonus feature that awards you cash prizes.

The bonus feature is one of the best of any online slot and so with more than $1.7m up for grabs, why not head to your favorite USA online casino now and have a go?

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Blackjack Key Decisions: Splitting

March 23, 2016 Category :General 0

Every single USA online casino going features online blackjack and that’s because it’s one of the most popular casino games out there. One thing that makes blackjack so good is that your chances of winning are, to some degree, in your hands, and the game requires a lot more skill than, say, slots.

If you want to play online blackjack then knowing when to split and when not to split is crucial and that’s exactly what we’re looking at here. The decision of when to split is just one part of optimal play and this method, known as basic strategy, should be employed by anyone looking to give themselves the best possible chance of making a profit and enjoying a lengthy stay at the tables.

First off, let’s start with the easiest decisions there are when it comes to splitting. The exact calls vary according to the precise blackjack variant and ruleset you are playing but assuming fairly standard rules, with between four and eight decks and the dealer standing on soft 17, the following applies.

Aces and eights should always be split, the former giving you the chance to create two great hands and the latter turning one terrible hand into two solid ones. At the other end of the spectrum never split 10s – your chances of improving such a hand are low and whilst the temptation to try and create two good hands is obvious, the math proves it doesn’t work.

Nines should be split unless the dealer has seven, 10 or ace, whilst sevens should be split to a dealer seven and below and hit if the dealer has eight or more. The same applies to pairs of twos and threes, whilst sixes should be split if the dealer has six or lower and hit if they have seven or more.

A pair of fours is a split if the dealer has a five or a six only, otherwise the optimum call is to hit, which leaves us with just a pair of fives to decide on. If the dealer has an ace or a 10 value card you should always hit your fives, whilst anything lower and you should double where possible or failing that hit.

And that, is all you really need to know about splitting when it comes to playing blackjack at a USA online casino – or an offline casino for that matter. If you haven’t checked out live dealer blackjack yet we highly recommend you do. Live blackjack is as close as you can get to playing at a brick and mortar casino without leaving your house. See the USA live online casinos we recommend for more information and then choose any of the USA live dealer casinos we recommend to get started.

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Its All About Live Dealers

March 20, 2016 Category :Games 0

Live Dealer Online CasinosIf you like casino table games and enjoy playing at brick and mortar casinos but cant get to a casino as often as you like check out playing online at a live dealer casino. Using an online live dealer casino you get the fun and excitement of sitting at a casino table but you get the convenience of playing online. Live dealer casinos allow you interact with the dealer like at an actual brick and mortar casino only over a live streaming feed. You sit down at the table virtually and play the game using a real live person as the dealer all over the Internet. You cam see the table and the dealer over a live feed and watch the cards and the game prevail in real time as it happens. The dealer and other players cannot see you so no need to get dressed up or put makeup on but you can chat with the dealer using the live chat feature offered. If you have not used a live dealer casino yet we wanted to take the time to introduce you to the games and how you play and share the best live dealer casinos available to USA players.

You can use any of the USA live online casinos and play blackjack, baccarat, roulette and casino holdem. These are the only casino games offered at this time by live casinos, but these are the most popular games and we expect more games to be available in the coming months.

To get started playing the live dealer games, sign up at any of the US live dealer casinos we recommend here if you do not already have an account yet. The live dealer casinos we recommend include BetOnline, the Planet 7 Casino and the 5Dimes Casino. All three online casinos offer the same live games and all three have great reputations for easy USA deposits and fast withdraws. In fact, BetOnline and 5Dimes both offer cash transfer deposits and withdraws so you can always get a deposit approved and when you are ready to cash out you can receive a cash transfer in as little as 12 to 24 hours. You wont find faster online casino withdraws anywhere. All three live casinos also accept USA credit cards and BetOnline and Planet 7 have outstanding USA credit card deposit approval rates.

Once you have an account set up and have made a deposit you simply visit the Live Casino and choose the game you want to play. You will then see the different tables offered with the betting limits displayed for each table. Another perk of playing live dealer casino games is you can play for as little as $5 ($1 for roulette) all the way up to $5000 per hand/game. You do not need to be high roller to use a live online casino and the limits are most likely even lower than you would find at a brick and mortar casino. If you do want to play high limits they are available and since it is a real live person running the game and not a computer like standard online casino games, the limits are higher. If you use a progressive betting system the higher limits are definitely an advantage. You can watch your chip stack grow much faster than using the computerized version of the game when you find yourself on a good winning streak.

Using a live dealer casino is also very safe and because you can always see the cards and the games every second while you are playing, if you ever had any suspicions about playing online using the computerized version of the game, those suspicions can be laid to rest. In blackjack for example, we have all questioned the dealer getting a Blackjack or drawing to 21 in inopportune times while playing online, but using a live casino you can always see the cards and the dealer so you know there is not any foul play happening. The truth is, all the standard online casinos we recommend here at US Casino Report and very reputable and the games are fair. The games are not “rigged” in the casinos advantage even though at times it may seem like it is. When playing at a brick and mortar casino the same things can happen such as the dealer getting back to back Blackjacks, or drawing to 21 when you split and double down and have 20. Sometimes just bad luck rears its ugly head but so does good luck like hitting on 15 and getting a 6. Human nature is one where you do not remember when the cards are on your side and you win your hand but you do remember when you lose.

If you have not tried a live dealer casino we highly recommend you give one a try. All the live online casinos listed here welcome USA players and you can play live dealer blackjack, live dealer baccarat, live dealer roulette and live dealer casino holdem. Using an online live dealer casino offers the best of both playing online and playing at a land based casino. Of course all the live casinos also offer standard online games as well as a great selection of online slots and video poker machines. Signing up at BetOnline or 5Dimes also gives you access to their online sportsbooks and BetOnline also has an online poker room.

Get started today and be sure to use one of our links to visit the USA online casino of your choice so that you are eligible for all the promotions offered by the casinos. Because we only list and recommend a few online casinos, the casinos we do list offer our players special incentives and promotions for signing up and by using our link the casino will know you came from our website and you will be automatically eligible for all they offer.

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Tips for Online Roulette

March 2, 2016 Category :Games 0

Every single US online casino around offers roulette and that’s because roulette is one of the best and most popular casino games there is. Sadly, there are no guaranteed formulas to make you a millionaire from playing this fine game but our general hints and tips article will give you the best chance of profiting from playing roulette, whether that be online or even in a regular casino.

Roulette Tip 1 – No Foolproof Way to Win

There are no guaranteed winning formulas when it comes to Roulette. We’ve said it already and we’ll say it again: any site, book, person or group that claims otherwise is lying and if they are trying to sell you a system or secret then you should avoid at all costs.

Roulette Tip 2 – Avoid the Martingale System

The Martingale System may be a “secret” technique that some unscrupulous websites try and sell and whether you come across it this way, get told by a friend, discover it for yourself or stumble across Martingale on the internet, whatever you do, don’t ever use it! It is hugely flawed and rather than being risk free, will almost certainly lead to you losing a huge sum.

Roulette Tip 3 – Never Play Double Zero

Double zero roulette means almost double the house edge, which means you need almost double the good luck to turn a profit. The house edge on single zero online roulette games is a very competitive 2.7% but play a double zero roulette variant and it becomes almost 5.3% and even higher on some bets! All of the best US online casinos we work with offer single zero roulette so be sure to play it.

Roulette Tip 4 – Choose Your Casino Well

This tip applies equally to whether you play slots, roulette, craps, blackjack, keno or whatever. If you were playing in Vegas would you choose a small, new casino run by people with no expertise, no financial backing, no credentials, no reputation and suspect owners? So don’t do the same when it comes to online casinos. Choose a casino you can trust, that has independently verified games and good regulation, not to mention generous bonuses and a great selection of games.

Roulette Tip 5 – No When to Stop

As with tip four, tip five applies to whatever casino games you like to play but perhaps more so with roulette because it’s so much fun, stopping isn’t easy! Don’t lose more than you can afford trying to win back losses and equally don’t get greedy always trying to win more. When either your maximum loss or target profit has been reached, walk away, happy that you enjoyed some casino fun – there’s always tomorrow.

To play roulette sign up at any USA online casino listed here on our website. By doing so you can be confident your money is always safe so when you win you can be sure you will be paid. See the best online casinos we recommend to play online roulette and also see the live dealer roulette casinos we recommend. Playing live roulette online is much like you would expect at a brick and mortar casino. You are playing with your computer but you are connected to an actual casino with a real live dealer running the game. If you unfamiliar with live dealer play, see the USA live online casinos available and information on live dealer play in general.

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