USA Cash Transfer Deposits

USA Online Casinos that accept cash transfers for deposits. Deposit to your online casino account by sending cash using a cash transfer agent. Cash transfers are a guaranteed way to get a deposit approved to play online casino games. Use the below online casinos that accept cash transfer deposits from USA players.

USA Cash Transfer Online Casinos

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The number of USA online casinos that accept cash transfer deposits is low. The only casinos which accept cash transfer deposits (generally) are ones that also operate an online sportsbook. Deposit to any of these USA cash transfer online casinos and be playing online within 10 to 15 minutes.

Making Cash Transfer Deposits

Making a cash transfer deposit to a USA online casino is pretty straight forward and easy. To send cash to your online casino account you simply visit a cash transfer agent like Western Union or Money Gram and send cash to the casino. There are certain steps which must be followed when making cash transfer deposits that you must follow to make sure your deposit is available as soon as possible.

To make a cash transfer deposit visit the cashier in the casino and click the logo for either Cash Transfer, Person 2 Person, Western Union or Money Gram. In most cases the casino will then ask how much you are sending and where you are sending it from.

After completing that information the casino will give specific instructions on who to send the money to. Write or print this information and take it with you to the cash transfer agent. It is very important that you have the correct information and also that your information, such as your address, name etc. is correct in your player profile at the casino. If any of this information is incorrect it can greatly delay the availability of your deposit.

Once you are at the cash transfer agent you will fill out a form with the information given to you by the casino and also your personal information. Once the cash transfer is sent the agent will give you a confirmation number that you must keep. This conformation number may be called the “Money Control Number” or a similar variation.

Once you have this information you then revisit the cashier in the casino and enter this confirmation number. Once the casino confirms the money has been sent your funds will be available in your player account. This process usually only takes 5-15 minutes and you are ready to play.

Cash transfers are a guaranteed way to get money into your USA online casino account. The downside to using a cash transfer deposit is that you do need to visit an agent to send the money and there are fee’s associated with sending cash. Ask the online casino if they will reimburse you the fee’s for making a cash transfer deposit. In most cases if you send over a certain amount they will. If they do not reimburse you the fee’s many times they will at least give you a bonus for the amount of the fee’s.

So get started playing at the above USA online casinos that accept cash transfer deposits. Be sure to claim your bonuses when you make your deposit. Many times players forget about claiming their bonus when making a cash transfer deposit but you are still eligible for the bonuses regardless of which deposit method you use. For more deposit options you can see all the methods for making casino deposits that we recommend. You can also see the online casinos that offer cash transfer withdraws. Cash transfer withdraws are one of the fastest ways to withdraw money from your USA online casino account.

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