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Find and play at only safe online casinos, all of which accept USA players. Whether you are new to the online casino world or have been playing online for a few years, be sure to only play at the safest online casinos available. We have been recommending USA online casinos since 2003 and have learned which casinos are safe and fair and which online casinos to avoid. Use our recommended USA online casinos and always know your money is safe and the games are fair. USA players are welcome to play for real money at every online casino listed here at USCasinoReport.

Safest USA Online Casinos

Always know your money is safe by using any of the safest USA online casinos below. The below online casinos are listed by which we like playing at the most and think you will enjoy as well. These are the safest online casinos for USA players which all offer fair games and send withdraws quickly. Be confident your money is always safe using any of our recommended safe USA online casinos.

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Every online casino listed here on our website is very safe to play at and you do not need to worry whether your money is safe or the games at fair at any listed USA online casino. Using our criteria for how we determine whether an online casino will be listed on our website, we have done our best to rank the above casinos with Lucky Red taking the top spot. If we ranked these casinos in order of the “safest”, BetOnline would probably be the safest USA online casino with a solid history of fair play for for over a decade. BetOnline has been in business since 2001 and has built themselves an outstanding reputation among serious USA bettors and gamblers. BetOnline is the oldest and maybe the safest but again every online casino listed here is safe to play at and you will always receive your winnings when you request a withdraw. Play real money online slots and table games at our recommended online casinos and also claim a great bonus when you sign up and make your first real money deposit.

What Makes an Online Casino Safe?

When we launched this website there two main areas we wanted to make sure we addressed. Living in the United States ourselves we wanted to find the best USA online casinos that were able to get USA deposits approved and to make sure we only listed the safest online casinos available on the Internet. While it is easy to determine if an online casino allows USA players and easy enough to try to make deposits to make sure they could get USA credit cards approved, but how do you know if an online casino is safe? Playing at online casinos for over a decade and playing at our fair share of reliable and safe online casinos AND bad, unreliable, crooked online casinos, we have developed a pretty good “knack” for determining if an online casino is safe or not. Stick with our listing of safe online casinos and always be confident your money is safe and when you request a withdraw you will receive it in a timely manner.

In order to determine if an online casino can be considered safe or not, we look a few different things. First we look to make sure the casino is licensed in a reputable jurisdiction and that their license is current. We also look to see how long the casino has been in business, who owns and/or manages the casino, and if there is any record of player complaints and/or record of non payment. Some of these answers can be found easily while others take a good bit of research.

One good rule of thumb to determine if an online casino is safe or not is to look for how long they have been in business. If an online casino has been in business for 5 years or more chances are it is pretty safe to play at. In today’s age of fast and easy information sharing, if an online casino does not pay players or has been caught “rigging” games, that news travels quickly and people will stop playing at that casino. Without players and unable to gain new players because of the bad press, a bad or rouge online casino will go out of business pretty quickly. With a casino like BetOnline being online since 2001 it is a pretty good indication the casino treats their players well and offers fair games. Do be aware though just because an online casino may be new does not mean it is not safe.

For new online casinos we will look to see who owns or manages the casino. If that owner or the management team has a good history of running fair, safe and reputable online casinos chances are the new casino will also be safe. For example an online casino like the Ignition Casino only being in business for 2 years, you may be hesitant to play there. The fact is, Ignition is owned and managed by the same people who run Bodog and Bovada, two of the safest online casinos available.

Another way to make sure an online casino is safe is to check player forums like the GPWA, CAP and PAL. If an online casino is rouge there will be plenty of information in these player forums to first warn you. You can also simply do a Google search. Search the online casino’s name and a few keywords like, “complaints” or “payments” and see what is returned. In this case no news is usually good news. Just like most things, players usually will not post if the casino does a good job, only if they have complaints or have been cheated. If your search does not return any negative information about the casino it is most likely safe to play at.

Luckily we have done all the above research and work for you and now have only the safest online casinos listed here on our website. You do not have to take the time to do any searches, or research the license and management team. We have already done all of that for each and every online casino listed. You can be confident that using any of our recommended USA online casinos your money is safe and the games are fair. You will be playing at the safest online casinos available online.

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