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Play Let it Ride online from the USA. If you want to play Let it Ride online (sometimes called “Let em Ride”), see below for the best USA online casinos that offer real money online Let It Ride. Also an overview of the game as well as how to play and the rules of the Let it Ride. Let it Ride is a fun casino table game where you can bet a little and win a lot! See any of the USA Let it Ride online casinos below to sign up and play Let it Ride online for real money.

Best USA Let it Ride Online Casinos

The Lucky Red Casino is our top USA online casino and also our best USA online casino to play Let it Ride online. Visit Lucky Red by clicking any of our links to sign up as a new player and claim a 100% match bonus up to $1000. Lucky Red has great USA credit card acceptance rates so you can always get a deposit approved and when you want to cash out you will receive your withdraws quickly. Sign up and play online Let it Ride for real money at the Lucky Red Casino and have a chance to win some serious money. Lucky Red offers 500-1 odds for a getting a Royal Flush and also has a progressive jackpot that grows with every new game.

While the Lucky Red Casino is our top USA Let it Ride online casino, every USA online casino listed above also offers online Let it Ride and are very reputable and trustworthy. All get USA deposits approved easily so you will not have any trouble funding your casino account. Be sure to use one of our links to visit the online casino of your choice to make sure you receive the best and biggest casino bonus available. Our visitors are eligible for exclusive sign up bonuses but you must one of our links to make sure the casino knows you came from our website. Visit any of the real money online casinos above and start playing Let it Ride online for real money.

Play Online Let it Ride for Real Money

Play online Let it Ride for real money and have a chance at winning as much as $1500 for just a $3 bet! While the chances of hitting a Royal Flush and receiving 500-1 odds like the previous example is very rare, it can and does happen. We ourselves have never hit a Royal Flush but have hit a Straight Flush and won $1500 from a $15 bet receiving 100-1 odds. Let it Ride is a great casino game where you receive odds on your bet based on the value of your final hand. You must finish your hand with at least a pair of 10’s to win and be paid even money. Get a pair of 10’s or better playing for real money and receive anywhere between even money (1-1 odds) and 500-1 odds on your bet.

Online Let it Ride TableLet it Ride also has a progressive jackpot which you can participate in for a $1 bet on each hand you play. To be eligible for the progressive jackpot you must click and bet $1 in the area of table which is clearly marked for the progressive bet. Playing in the jackpot is optional, but imagine hitting that Royal Flush and missing out on a possible Million Dollars plus. When we hit our straight flush we did not play the progressive jackpot and would have won 10% of the jackpot. Needless to say we were very disappointed we didn’t.

To be eligible for the Progressive Jackpot, you must be playing Let it Ride for real money and pay the ante bet of $1. Then receive at least a Flush and be paid from the jackpot. The jackpot winnings are completely separate from your standard bet so you win the normal payout from your bet as well the progressive jackpot. If you get a Flush you win $75, a Full House pays $100, 4 of a Kind pays $500, a Straight Flush wins 10% of the jackpot and if you get a Royal Flush you win 100% of the current jackpot. At the time of writing this page the progressive jackpot at the Lucky Red Casino was $74,641 which is on lower side compared to the amount of the jackpot we are use to seeing.

How to Play Let it Ride

When playing online Let it Ride for real money you start the game by betting 3 like amounts in 3 separate bets. For example if you are betting $5, you would put up three $5 chips for a total of $15. During the game you have the option of retrieving one or two of three bets and by doing so lowering your bet to $10 or $5 per game.

As said above, the object of playing Let it Ride is to receive the best poker hand possible and a hand with a pair of 10’s or better is a winning hand. To start the game you place three bets of the same amount and the game is started. Five cards are dealt with three cards being dealt face up and two cards face down. Based on the 3 of the 5 cards you can see, you decide whether you will let all of your bets remain active (“Let it Ride”) or pull one bet back for a total of only 2 bets now remaining. Once you make your choice the fourth card is flipped over and now being able to see 4 of the 5 cards you again decide whether to “Let it Ride” and keep your bets active or pull one bet back. After that round is complete the 5th and final card is flipped over and the final hand is revealed. If you have a pair of 10’s or better you win and are paid for all the remaining bets you left in play.

Playing Let in Ride online for real money is a lot of fun and you can win substantial amounts of money for a small bet. There is some decisions to make when playing, like whether you will let your bets ride hoping to hit a flush or straight or whether to pull them back and play more conservatively. Or if you are dealt a pair of 9’s or less, do you let you bets ride to to try for 3 of a kind or two pair? These are the kinds of decisions you must make when you play Let it Ride online. Personally, when playing for real money I tend to play a little aggressive and let my bets ride at least until I see the 4th card when I have a straight or flush draw. Then if the 4th card busts my chances I pull back my 3rd bet and only left with two bets. I will also let the first bet ride when dealt a pair. The chances of hitting 3 of kind or two pair is pretty good and you also have a chance at hitting a full house and being paid 15-1. When playing online Let it Ride for real money you will have to adjust your betting style to what you are comfortable with.

One advantage to playing Let it Ride for real money is that the game is somewhat of a bankroll saver. With being able to pull back 2 of your 3 bets you can make your money last a pretty long time. Then when the time is right “Let it Ride” and collect a nice payoff.

Let it Ride Winning Payoffs

Let it Ride PayoffsSee the graphic to the right for the payoffs when playing Let it Ride online. All online casinos offer the same odds and payoffs and the rules are universal across all online casinos. Get a hand with a Pair of 10’s or better and be paid the odds as shown.

When playing online Let it Ride for real money there is a $20,000,000 maximum payout for any single winning hand. That payout is a combination of the standard winning payoff and the progressive jackpot. Honestly, if you win $20,000,000 playing online, we do not think there is too many people who would be upset if they were suppose to paid $21,000,000 instead. In order to get close to a $20 million payout the progressive jackpot would have to be huge. Most USA Let it Ride online casinos have a maximum of $1000 per bet. At the most you could bet $3000 on a single hand and even if you won 500-1 with a Royal Flush it would be a $1.5 million payoff. We have never seen the progressive jackpot over $2 million so the chances of winning over the $20 million maximum is very, very low – unfortunately.

Enjoy playing Let it Ride online for real money at the best USA online casinos available. Play by downloading the full online casino software or by using the no download, instant play software. We have a full listing of the best USA no download online casinos where you can play with your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device. Whether you choose to download the software to play online Let it Ride or use the instant play software, you can be sure to have a great playing experience. We only list the best USA online casinos and by using any of our recommended USA Let it Ride online casinos you can be sure your money is safe and the game is fair. When you have a large win and are expecting a big payout, you can be confident you will receive your winnings.

Online Let it Ride Table

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