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Play Craps online at the best USA online casinos. Craps is full of excitement and loaded with action. Get on a hot streak and watch your chip stack grow fast. Use any of our recommended casinos for a great online craps experience and get your deposits approved.

Best USA Casinos to Play Craps Online

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The Lucky Red Casino is our all around best USA online casino and that does not change for playing craps online. Lucky Red offers a great bonus on your first deposit but like all other online casinos craps play does not count towards earning your bonus. If you are only going to play craps online we do not recommend you claim the bonus.

Lucky Red also has some of the best credit card acceptance rates for USA players so you will never need to fret whether you will be able to get a deposit approved or not. If your Visa or MasterCard deposit is not approved at Lucky Red chances are it will not be approved anywhere. See our Lucky Red Casino review for more details on the best USA casino to play real money craps online as well as other casino games, slots and video poker.

Playing Online Craps for Real Money

Playing online craps is no different than playing at a traditional casino. The same bets and odds are offered online as you would find at brick and mortar casinos. Playing real money craps online is full of action and a lot of fun. When you walk through a brick and mortar casino you will usually see people gathered around the craps table yelling and giving each other high fives. That is because playing craps is a lot of fun and with low house odds you can win a substantial amount of money in just a short period of time.

The most popular bet in craps is the “Pass Line”. By betting the Pass Line you are betting the player or “shooter” will win the game. The goal in playing craps is to roll a 7 or 11 with your first roll and if you do any bets made on the pass line wins! If you do not roll a 7 or 11, the number you roll becomes the “Point”. To win, you must roll that number again before rolling a 7. If the “shooter” rolls a 7 before rolling the point the game is over. If the shooter rolls the point he is a winner and the pass line bets are paid off. The one exception to the above is if the shooter rolls a 2,3 or 12 on his first roll which is “craps”. If that happens the game is over and the pass line bets are lost.

Play online craps for real money from the USA at any of the above USA online craps casinos. You can download the casino software or use the instant play version of the software. All the USA no download online casinos we recommend have great graphics and fast games. Use the no download version of the software and have just as good an experience as if you downloaded the casino.

Betting Craps

Craps offers a lot of different bets which can be seen on the actual craps table. Some bets are one time bets and some are continual bets. One time bets are just like they sound, you place a bet on the upcoming roll and you either win or lose. Continual bets are placed and a certain scenario must happen to be paid off or lose your bet. An example of a continual bets is betting the “Hard 8”. Betting the hard 8 means you are betting the shooter will roll a 4-4 before rolling some other combination of the dice that equal 8. If the shooter rolls two 4’s you win the hard 8 bet. If the shooter rolls any other combination such as a 5-3 you lose your bet. The bet remains active until one of the two scenarios happen.

There are many craps bets to choose from and they pay different odds and have different scenarios on whether you win or lose. Be sure you understand exactly what you are betting before laying down your chips. A great part of playing craps online is that you can have notes right in front of you explaining the bets and odds while playing. You can also take your time choosing which bets to place without being rushed by the rest of the table.

Online Crap Bonuses

All the online craps casinos we recommend offer some great bonuses for signing up through our website and making your first deposit. Be aware however that craps play does not count towards earning your bonus. All casino bonuses require you wager your bonus amount a certain number of times before requesting a withdraw. If you are planning to only play craps online you should not claim a bonus. If you do you will be required to play another game before being able to make a withdraw and no one wants that.

Craps play does not count towards earning your bonus because the house edge is so low. By betting the Pass Line (and only the Pass Line) the casino advantage or “house edge” is virtually zero making online craps one of the fairest games in the casino.

If you do plan on playing craps and some other online casino games you should take advantage of the bonus. While craps play does not towards earning your bonus the other games will. Easily add thousands to your bankroll by taking full advantage of the bonuses offered by these USA online casinos.

Good luck and use any of the above outstanding real money online casinos to play craps online. All accept USA players and do a great job getting USA deposits approved.

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