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Why You Should Try Live Dealers

Posted on December 18, 2022 | No Comments on Why You Should Try Live Dealers

If you haven’t played with live dealers at online casinos you should definitely consider doing so.  It is quite the experience and the technology has truly evolved.  One of the benefits is the interaction you get even if you don’t want to be involved in the conversation.  Some online casinos the dealers can be quite entertaining and funny.  They tell stories, jokes, or just have conversations with whoever is talking to them in chat.  These conversations can be a lot of fun to listen to and you don’t even have to participate.  Here at we have listed many casinos that have live dealers. Play at the best USA online casino available.

One of my favorite casinos, and I have many, which has the most entertaining live dealers, is BetOnline. See our BetOnline Casino review for more details. The rotate dealers every thirty minutes and each dealer brings their unique style and entertainment.  And many of them are easy on the eye and they all speak English very well.  I’ve found myself very entertained for hours playing online and listening, and even chatting, with the live dealers.

Casinos offer live dealers in all the popular games including blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.  Many have tables where the minimum bet is 50 cents or a dollar.  If you are a low roller and are looking for some cheap entertainment, where you can make some money, playing online with live dealers is certainly an option to consider.  

Another amazing thing about live dealers is that you can play your systems, or try out new ones, very easily.  For example in roulette where there are literally hundreds of systems, there is no better play than online to try them out.  You can bet as little as 50 cents, and instead of having to reach over other players at the table to place your bet every time the ball is being spun, you can just hit the rebet button with the click of a mouse.  

The overseas casinos have done a great job at getting credit cards from the United States approved.  They all accept Visa and MasterCard.  And many of them accept American Express and Discover Card.  With states here in the United States legalizing online gambling it can actually be  easier to get credit cards approved at overseas casinos.  Many credit card companies won’t let you deposit at online casinos in this country whereas overseas companies don’t label the transaction as gambling.  Therefore it can be much easier to get your credit cards approved at overseas online casinos.  There are many deposit and withdrawal methods to choose from making it very easy to play.

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