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Advantages of Playing Live Dealer Casinos

Before online casinos came along in the mid-late 1990s, if you wanted to try your hand at roulette, blackjack or baccarat you’d have to hotfoot to the nearest bricks and mortar casino… which might just involve a lengthy road trip or a cross-country flight! Then everything changed and suddenly casino fans were able to get their hits on their home computers. That’s been all well and good for a number of years, but after a certain number of electronic hands of blackjack or spins of the roulette wheel a lot of people crave something that feels just a little more authentic. And that’s where US live dealer casinos come in.

Here we give you the top four advantages of playing live dealer casino games at a USA online casino:

1. Authenticity – The whole point of live dealer casinos – which stream live video feeds of real people dealing your cards or spinning the roulette wheel – is that they add a sense of realism to the casino experience. Of course, it’s not quite the same as standing around a table in your favorite Vegas haunt, but compared to the electronic graphics that we had to settle for before, it is a major improvement.

2. Convenience – And of course you retain the convenience that made online casinos so popular in the first place. You can play from home whilst watching a movie, or – with the advent of mobile gaming technology – you can even play while out and about (or even when at work… but don’t let the boss read this!)

3. Bonuses – It is rare for the average Joe to get handed any kind of bonuses in bricks and mortar casinos, with the big freebies there reserved strictly for the high rollers. But playing live dealer casinos online gives you access to a whole load of bonuses that can run into the thousands of dollars, helping to turn the odds in your favor just a little more.

4. Hot dealers – It is not a prerequisite of being a dealer for a live dealer casino that you have to be highly attractive, but somehow a lot of them tend to be exactly that. So as well as having great games and bonuses, you also get the added bonuses of, how shall we put it, aesthetically pleasing dealers to add to the overall experience!

So try one of our recommended USA live online casinos and try all the different live games available. You can play live dealer blackjack, live dealer baccarat , live dealer roulette and live dealer casino holdem. These are the only live games available at this point but the particularity live dealer casinos have received you can expect more live games to come online soon.

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