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Why We Like Using Live Dealers

Posted on September 9, 2016 | No Comments on Why We Like Using Live Dealers

Live DealersIf you subscribe to our news feed or visit our online casino news section at least somewhat regularly, you know we write and talk a lot about online live dealer casinos and live dealer games. The reason for so many articles about live dealers is pretty simple, we like using live dealer casinos a lot and play live dealer games more than any other online casino game, slot or video poker machine. Because of that it only makes sense we write a good bit about live dealers but we also want to make sure if you are a table games player and like to play blackjack, baccarat, roulette and/or casino holdem, you at least give a live dealer online casino a try.

I myself have been playing at online casinos for over a decade and when I learned an online live dealer casino was being developed I really had my doubts whether it would be worth playing at. I couldn’t imagine playing at a brick and mortar casino over the Internet. IĀ imagined a grainy screen without good graphics or camera angles and just imagined a slow, almost painful experience where I would end up getting frustrated and probably never use again. Once live dealer casinos started to become available online and I actually played at one, I am very glad I was totally wrong and enjoyed playing using live dealers immediately.

If you do not play table games such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette and/or casino holdem, there really isn’t much reason to use an online live dealer casino, but if you do play these table games you really owe yourself at least trying an online live dealer casino because you might really like them as much as I do. Live dealer casinos give you a brick and mortar casino experience but you do not have to leave your house. While online casinos will never totally replace brick and mortar casinos, in between trips to Atlantic City, Vegas or your local casino they are a great substitute and can hold anyone over until your next trip.

There are plenty of reasons why I myself like using live dealer casinos and after speaking with other players who also play using live dealers it is worth highlighting a few of them. One talking point that always comes up when talking about playing at online casinos is the question of how fair are the games? A lot of people ask that question and the truth is most online casinos really are fair. Of course just like anything else you will always have a few bad apples in a bunch, but the majority of online casinos are fair and every USA online casino we list here has a great reputation for fair games and also is fully licensed and undergoes random third party audits to ensure the games really are fair. Even though I myself research the online casinos and I am 100% certain of their fair practices, when I double down playing online blackjack and get a 20, and the dealer draws 4 or 5 cards to get 21, I snicker and wonder myself whether the computer “set me up”. Of course it didn’t but it is easy to blame the computer even though that same scenario has happened dozens of times when playing at brick and mortar casinos in Atlantic City or another destination. If you also find your self questioning the computer and wondering about the fairness of online games, an online live dealer casino can put any suspicions to rest.

When playing at a live dealer casino online, you are connected to the casino via a live streaming feed and there is a camera on the dealer and the table 100% of the time. Even when the game is finished and there is time in between games or the dealer is shuffling the cards, the camera never leaves position and the live streaming feed is never interrupted. You can watch and see everything the dealer does every second while you are connected and sitting at a live dealer table, so you can be certain there is no cheating or foul play going on whatsoever.

Another reason so many online players like online live dealer casinos is because of the betting limits. Many USA online casinos have high betting limits, especially for popular games like blackjack and baccarat, but live dealer casinos have the highest limits you will find online. Bet as much as $5000 per game/hand using a live dealer casino online. If you use a progressive betting system or just simply like high limits, a live dealer casino is your best bet. You do not have to be a high roller though to play at a live casino. You can bet as little $1 for blackjack and baccarat and 25 cents for roulette. When you open a live dealer casino and choose the game you want to play you will see a list of tables available and the betting limits for these tables. Just like at a land based, brick and mortar casino, the minimum and maximum bets are clearly marked and the higher the minimum bet, the higher the maximum bet. For example a live dealer table may have limits of $10 – $250, while another table has limits of $100 – $5000. You simply play at the table where the limits fit your betting style.

I could go on for another 10 paragraphs explaining why I like playing at online live dealer casinos but if you play online blackjack, baccarat, roulette and/or casino holdem the best way to learn the most about live dealer online casinos is to see for yourself and try one out. If you are a table games player we really think you will enjoy playing at a live dealer casino online.

See more about playing online against a live dealer and also see our list of recommended USA live dealer casinos. The live online casinos we have listed are the best in the business and they all accept USA players and deposits. You can also see more about all the different live dealer casino games offered and the live casinos we recommend for each game. BetOnline is our top USA live dealer casino and you will enjoy yourself playing any of the games at BetOnline. The Black Diamond Casino is also a great choice and they have the best graphics of any online casino. Give an online live dealer casino a try, you may never play standard online games again!

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