Take an Online Vacation

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Now being the middle of summer, it is that of year when many people take a vacation. Whether headed to the beach, a campground, a city destination or casino, you can always take a mini vacation by playing at an online casino. Online casinos allow you to enjoy a favorite hobby (playing casino games and slots) anytime you want without even leaving your house. And if you are planning on taking a vacation to a brick and mortar casino, you can always get in a little practice before leaving.

Today’s technology allows players to enjoy casino games and slots without even stepping outside their house and live dealer casinos actually bring the casino to you. The latest online casino technology is the “live dealer casino” which allows players to play at a brick and mortar casino right from their computer using a live streaming feed. Like making a phone call using Skype, via a live streaming feed you can see the dealer and the table at the casino and using the casino software place your bets and interact with the game. You are actually playing at a brick and mortar casino only instead of sitting at the table you are sitting in front of your computer. The experience really is great and if you ever wondered about an online casino cheating or “stacking the deck”, using a live dealer casino those suspicions can be taken away. You can see the dealer, table, and game at all times while “sitting” at the virtual table.

Unfortunately at this time only a few online casino games are available using a live dealer casino. Play blackjack, baccarat, roulette and casino hold’em using a live dealer casino and hopefully more games like Craps, Let it Ride, 3 Card Poker and others will be available using this technology. The popularity of live dealer games is astounding, and we think ore games will be offered in the near future. See more on playing live dealer casino games as well as the USA live dealer casinos we recommend. If you like to play casino table games, we think you will really like playing at a live dealer casino.

If you prefer playing online slots, enjoy playing at the best USA online casinos that offer online slots for real money. By playing online you can choose from a huge variety of machines just like you would find at a brick and mortar casino. Playing online however you do not have to walk around aimlessly to find the slot machine you want to play and at the betting levels you want to play. Using an online casino simply browse the slots lobby for the machine you want to play and then choose the coin value you want. We always suggest playing slot machines (online or at brick and mortar casinos) for the maximum number of coins available. By doing so you are eligible for any special bonuses and higher payoffs for making the max bet.

Whether you want to take a little virtual vacation or want to hone your skills and practice before visiting a brick and mortar casino, choose a USA online casino recommended here and you can always be sure your money is safe and you will receive any withdraws requested. Another advantage to using the real money online casinos listed here on our website, because we also live in the USA and play online extensively, we have made sure every online casino listed gets USA deposits approved easily. You will be able to fund your casino account without any problem and enjoy playing hundreds of table games, slots and video poker machines. If you like playing blackjack, roulette, baccarat and/or casino hold’em we highly recommend trying a live dealer casino.

Good luck and enjoy your vacation, virtual or otherwise, and remember to always play within your limits so the games stay fun!

Win a Cruise at Black Diamond

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Summer is approaching fast. Already the days are becoming hotter and hotter and it’s high time we started planning our summer vacations. Most of you will organize your time off on some sweet tropical destinations, where you will be sipping cocktails and getting your tan on a beautiful sunny beach. Well, what would you say if Black Diamond has an amazing offer that will make your dreamy vacation look like a boring field trip?

Picture this: an enormous cruise ship taking you to see all the beautiful parts of the world. Your own cabin with a private balcony where you can put your feet up while drinking expensive beverages. Wine tasting in a luxurious restaurant, top-quality Cuban cigars, a small theatre where you can enjoy classic plays. A perfect ocean view for the entire duration of your holiday. Did we grab your attention already? Maybe we should add room service and romantic dinners to the equation. Now, some would say that this kind of a vacation could cost an arm and a leg, but you don’t need to worry about the total price, since the good people of Black Diamond Casino will cover the costs completely.

We are positive that we got your complete attention by now. Of course, there is a catch, there is always a catch with something so tempting. Starting from 1st June, the Royal Cruise promotion is available at Black Diamond Casino. So, all loyal customers will get the chance to win the amazing Royal Cruise worth $4,000!

To join the action, players will have to visit this USA online casino, login on their accounts, or create an account if they are newcomers, and the battle for the top prize can start! Lots of tournaments will be available, and all of them will offer gamers a chance to win one of the three Casino Cruises on the offer. All you need to do is wager at least $50 on the games included in the promotion, and you will get one raffle ticket for the Royal Cruise Raffle. The best thing is that there are no limits when it comes to how many tickets you can get during the promotion. Our advice is – wager as much and as often as you can, since with more raffle tickets on your account you will have much more chances to win one of the three Royal Cruises.

On the 30th June, the raffle will be organized, and the luckiest three players will be richer for a dreamy holiday. The winners will be contacted to arrange the details of the cruise trip. If by any chance you cannot or will not go on this fabulous cruise, Black Diamond will offer you a cash prize worth 70% of the trip. So, it’s a win-win situation either way!

So, start wagering and start packing your bags, get your best swim suits on and wait for June to end, because your name may appear among the lucky winners. To get started see our complete Black Diamond Casino review and use any link to visit the casino.

Black Diamond May Promotion

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Spring is a perfect time of the year when we can talk about birds and the bees. Don’t worry, it’s not that famous “The Birds and the Bees” story used by the parents to explain adult relationships to their children. No, this is a completely different story everybody would like to hear, because this time, the Birds and the Bees may reward you with some lucrative payouts.

Thanks to the Black Diamond Casino, USA players will have a delightful first week of May with packed with big rewards, due to a cool new promotion, which will start on 1st May. Since spring is all about birds singing and bees buzzing around, the good people of Black Diamond Casino decided to offer this excellent promo, which includes the very popular Betsoft’s Birds! and Pragmatic Play’s Bee Land video slots.

Hurry up and join the action as soon as you can, because the possible prizes could secure you a classy summer break! Three big cash prizes are there for the taking for three most active players who manage to top the leader board. The first prize is a whopping $4,000. The second prize is worth $2,000, while the third prize offers $1,000 in cash.

All gamers need to do in order to enter the tournament is deposit at least $50, which will secure them a place in the battle for one of the prizes. After that, the system will start tracking the progress of each gamer, and will turn every bet into points. Every $10 bet will get you one tournament point. In order to climb up the leader board, players will have to wager as much as they can, of course, if they want to finish the race in one of the first three places that guarantee prizes. The promotion will end on 7th May, and those gamers who gather the highest number of points will be able to afford a pricey summer holiday.

If you are not that fond of slots, there are plenty of other excellent promotions on offer at the Black Diamond Casino, so feel free to join and pick the one that suits you the most. If you are a newcomer and decide to join now, you will be greeted with a smashing 500% match bonus, up to $5,000 on every of your first five deposits.

For the last seventeen years since they entered the iGaming industry, the Black Diamond Casino has welcomed more than one million customers around the globe, so there is no doubt that they know how to please their members. With a wide range of casino games (including live dealer games) in their portfolio, a fun, exciting and safe online gaming experience can definitely be expected at the Black Diamond Casino.

For more information see our full Black Diamond Casino review and use any of our links to visit the casino and claim the best bonuses available. If you want a safe and secure USA online casino with a great selection of games and slots, the Black Diamond Casino is a great choice.

New Slot Machine – Fa Fa Twins

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If you are looking for a perfect combination of Japanese anime and a fun and rewarding video slot, than look no further, because BetSoft recently released a newest member of their popular Slots3™ family, called the Fa Fa Twins. Once you start the game, wait until the cute little twins run towards each other from the both sides of the screen, because when they meet in the middle, the action will start. Since BetSoft are the leaders in true cinematic 3D iGaming, we don’t have to tell you that Fa Fa Twins boast crisp graphics and outstanding animations. As for the soundtrack, it fits the theme perfectly.

In order to make sure that this five-reel slot with 243 ways to win isn’t just a pretty face, Betsoft introduced an interesting additional feature, called the Dual Reels. This means that during each spin at least two adjacent reels will be identical, meaning that the symbols that land on them will be completely the same. The good thing is that this mechanism can extend to other reels, so you can have 3, 4 or even all 5 reels packed with identical symbols, resulting with amazing payouts!

As for the symbols populating the reels, apart from the adorable Twins, you will also come across a Menoki-neko, or the Lucky Cat, Koi Carp, Bag of Coins, Lotus and a Lantern, functioning as high-value symbols. Playing cards are used for low-paying ones. The game’s Logo serve as the Wild that substitutes for all symbols.

We mentioned earlier that the 2017 release features five reels, three rows and offers 243 ways to win. To win payouts, simply land three matching symbols on adjacent reels, starting from the far left reel. Betting starts at 25 coins per single spin, but there are 5 different bet levels available, so you can bet as much as 125 coins per spin. The coin denomination can also be altered, going from $0.02, all the way up to $1, so the lowest punters can bet is $0.5, while it is not possible to wager more than $125 on one spin.

Apart from the Dual Reels, there is also one more additional feature included, which is called the Double Up feature. This is basically an ordinary coin toss game, where you can double your money by guessing heads or tails.

The best thing about the BetSoft title is the maximum possible prize, which goes up to whopping 810,000 coins! For example, if you set the coin value on $1, and if Lady Luck is on your side, you are looking at a possible life-changing prize of $810,000!

We can all agree that Fa Fa Twins do not offer loads of action that will keep players chained to their seats for hours, since there are no Free Spins, no other Bonus games whatsoever. On the other hand, the maximum possible prize is definitely worth your attention, and we are positive you will have lots of fun and, hopefully, plenty of hefty payouts with the Dual Reels system.

To check out and play Fa Fa Twins (as well as other BetSoft slot machines) see our Black Diamond Casino review and use any link to visit the casino. Black Diamond is the only USA online casino we recommend that runs on the BetSoft Software package. Aside from some great slots and table games, Black Diamond is also one of a few USA online casinos that offer live dealer casino games. When you are ready to get started be sure to use our link to visit and sign up at Black Diamond and you will eligible for an exclusive 500% match bonus up to $5000. You won’t find a better bonus anywhere!

Illinois Sees Gambling as Answer to Budget Woes

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Gift of MoneyThe Illinois Senate has given its full support to the bill that plans to introduce six new casinos in the state with the aim to stabilize the shaken financial situation of the state. The idea of gambling expansion comes as an answer to the failed attempts to devise an effective budget plan over the last two years. Next to six new casinos, the new draft bill plans to reduce the tax rate in addition to slot machines at airports and racetracks. If this bill does gets passed and Illinois does in fact get the go ahead to build these six casinos it will be like a huge gift to the cash strapped state.

Gambling is the way out

For the past two years Illinois has been functioning without a budget plan and now it seems gambling industry could be its savior, by generating revenue through license fees and tax rates. Precisely this is the reason why state legislators have decided to draft and propose a bill that would allow for six new casinos to be built within the borders of the state. Popularly called “Grand bargain” has received the support of the Senate, however, there are other hurdles to be crossed. Prior to enforcing this proposal, a set of related bills also must be passed.

Everyone benefits

Should all go in favour of the gambling expansion the six new casinos will be built in Chicago, Lake County, Rockford, Danville and Williamson County, while airports and horse racing tracks will be allowed to add slot machines. The existing “river-boat” casinos will also benefit from the new legislation. In fact, their current tax rate of 50% will be dramatically reduced to 20% for slots and 16% for table games. In addition to that, the existing casinos will be allowed to add 400 seats at their premises.

Senator Terry Link has sponsored the analysis of this gambling expansion plan and came forth with the results which look promising. It is estimated by the analysis that the state would generate around $1 billion from license fees, while the annual revenue would record an increase of 18% which amounts to over $500 million. Furthermore, the construction of six new casinos will open new workplaces and improve touristic offer of the state.

Opposing arguments

No matter how fiercely the advocates of gambling expansion indicate the benefits that the new casinos will bring, there are still those who do not see gambling as the best way to tackle the budget issues. Anita Bedell, director of Illinois Church Action on Alcohol and Addiction Problems points to the possible problems gambling could create and she also states that gambling expansion could, in fact, cost more than it will earn. She states: “For every $1 gambling brings the state, taxpayers dole out $3 to address the accompanying uptick in addiction, crime and bankruptcy.”

She also raises an interesting question of the competitiveness of the land-based casino in the world of video gaming and online casinos. With the constant development and growth of online gambling this is a matter to consider. However, there are no words on dealing with legalizing online gambling, even though this might be a better solution for the financially shaken state of Illinois.

Wrap Up

Currently, only Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey offer legal online gambling, though many states are fighting to join them. Online gambling is becoming increasingly popular as players can enjoy playing in real money online casinos right from the comfort of home. Even play using a real live human being as the dealer at any of our recommended USA live dealer casinos. Watch your game unfold in real time over a live streaming feed. See more on any of our USA live online casinos.

New Progressive Video Slot Megaquarium

February 18, 2017 Category :Games 0

After teasing the players with the release of a demo about two weeks ago one of the leading and best-known online casino games developers, Realtime Gaming or RTG launch their new progressive slot Megaquarium today. The game is already available for free play and real money and it can be accessed from any device.

The new 5 reel progressive slot by RTG explores the depths of the ocean and meets the inhabitants of the underwater world. It sports a sharp high-definition, colourful and dynamic theme that gives the players a feeling of diving in an actual ocean passing schooling fish and sea grass in rainbow colors.

Still, what is best about RTG’s latest title is not the theme or the graphics but the possibility of winning a progressive jackpot at any time in the game. Megaquarium is a typical 5 reel 3 row setting with 50 fixed paylines available for real-money play from $0.50 and with a betting limit of $500. As in any progressive slot, higher bets mean higher chances of winning the major jackpot.

Apart from the progressive jackpot the game comes packed with features that are lucrative enough to keep any player in the game. First of all the mascot of the game, the Clown Fish is a Wild Symbol that helps form a winning combination by replacing any symbol in the game and also doubles the win.

The highlight is the Free Spins round which is easier to activate than ever. All it takes is two Free Games neon signs on the first and the last reels. Initially the players get 7 Free Spins only but on the last spin there is a chance to win 3 additional free spins in the Bonus Game by landing three Free Games symbols on the first three reels.

During the Bonus Game the players are treated with the fifth reel fully stacked with Wilds and a random cash prize worth up to 100 times their stake. On top of that the last spin again holds a chance to trigger another three spins called Super Game. Super Game comes with a 5x multiplier and a random cash prize of up to 200 times the stake. Should three Free Games signs appear on reels 1, 2 and 3 on the last spin, Mega Game will be triggered.

Now this is some feature to hope for as it comes with two reels fully stacked with Wilds, adds a new Extra Games symbol on the reels and each of these grants you another spin. Finally the random cash prize can go up to 500 times the stake.

Realtime Gaming is one of the most reliable online software developers with extensive experience dating back from 1998. RTG is very popular among USA online casino operators mostly due to their flexibility as they do not impose strict rules or regulations to their licensees. Instead they let them customize most of their operation including the compliance with regulations. Many USA online casinos offer RTG’s content, some of which can be found right here in our casino reviews section.

Hawaii to Consider Gaming Bill

February 12, 2017 Category :Regulation 0

The number of US states trying to introduce online gambling into their legislation is growing as next to New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts that have been actively working on this issue in recent months another US state joins their battle and that is Hawaii. Couple of days ago Senator Will Espero proposed a bill SB677 which aims to legalize online poker, online casino games and lottery in the state. The main aim of the bill is to tackle the issue of illegal online gambling in the state and to use the potential of online gambling to boost the economy.

Hawaii is one of the few states in the US that has no land-based gambling facilities on its territory. Perhaps this is why many of its residents engage in illegal online gambling activities via offshore channels. This means that Hawaiian bettors enter into shady operations and they are not protected in any way. According to Senator Will Espero this problem can be solved by allowing online gambling within the state and introducing a law that would regulate the internet gambling activity. With this in mind SB677 implies the foundation of a regulatory body, Hawaii Internet Lottery and Gaming Corporation that would monitor and regulate US online poker, US online casinos and lottery. According to the draft bill online sports betting would not be allowed while the law would also set age limit for players, so as to prevent those under 19 from taking part in gambling activities.

On the other hand, there is the financial aspect of this matter. Legalizing online gambling would mean that tens of thousands of dollars that are currently spent illegally through online gambling channels would be directed into the state budget and invested into the improvement of education system. Similarly to other states proposing iGaming laws, Senator Espero’s proposal also includes paying a licensing fee and imposing a tax rate on generated revenue from gambling. The new regulations would allow for the state to enter into agreements with other states, as well as organize land-based gambling events as a part of tourist offer.

Last year, there have been several attempts to introduce regulated gambling in the state of Hawaii. More than 10 draft bills were introduced regarding lottery, daily fantasy sports, installing slot machines on airports and many other bills. Whether any of them will pass the Senate and come into effect in 2017 remains to be seen, but it seems that it will be a long haul.

With all the efforts Hawaii and other states, especially Pennsylvania are making, there is a positive cloud over the prospects of legalized online gambling. Namely, this cloud is reflected in the face of Senator Jeff Sessions, new US Attorney General who is known to be a strong opponent of online gambling. He announced the revisiting of America’s Federal Wire Act, since he claims that he does not agree with its current interpretation, which allows the regulation of online gambling on a state level.

As we wait for these states and online gambling as a whole to be legalized on a federal level, you can still play at the best US friendly online casinos available on the Internet. Our top rated US online casino is Lucky Red which offers a great selection of games and slots. Check out our Lucky Red Casino review for more details and to sign up. Another popular area of online gaming is live dealer games. Play against a real live person for popular games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette and casino holdem. See the best USA live dealer casinos and play at a brick and mortar casino right from home.

Monthly Match Bonuses at SuperNova

January 16, 2017 Category :Promotions 0

SuperNova CasinoThe number of online casinos accepting USA players is constantly growing. This is good news for all players based in the USA who enjoy the thrill of playing casino games online such as slots, table games and video poker. To make the best of these games players can use re-deposit bonuses which most online casinos offer. This time we will present the special promotion that is offered at one of our recommended USA online casinos, SuperNova. Their monthly deal includes special match bonuses for playing slot games, where players can claim up to a 260% match of their deposit.

The SuperNova casino continues the festive mood and starts the new year with a generous offer of a range of bonuses available for playing online slot games. The match bonuses are available for different amounts of deposits so there is something to suit every type of player. The Lucky Slot Bonuses range from 160% to 260% match for deposits ranging from $25 to $200. These bonuses are part of their monthly promotion and they are valid for existing players. This means that in order to be eligible for these bonuses players must already have a registered account at the SuperNova Casino. The procedure for claiming the bonus is simple. All you need to do is transfer your deposit and claim the bonus via the given code.

The least amount you can deposit is $25 in which case you are eligible for a 160% match. The bonus code you should enter is CAROLS160. If you are willing to deposit $75 or more, then you will stand to claim a 195% bonus match, by entering bonuscode CAROLS195. Deposits of $125 and above qualify for the bonus match of 240% by using code CAROLS240. Finally the biggest bonus with this special offer is a 260% match which can be redeemed via code CAROLS260 and it applies to deposits of $200 and more.

For the fans of card games, SuperNova also has a couple of aces up their sleeve. In fact, the card games players can use three different match bonuses. For deposits of $25 and more, the bonus match applied will be 95% after entering the code RIBBONS95. Deposits of $50 and higher will earn a match bonus of 105% with the help of code RIBBONS105, while the deposits of $100 and more will be matched by 120%. The bonus code for this is RIBBONS120.

Naturally, all of these casino bonuses come with certain playthrough requirements. This means that for slot games you will have to stake the sum of your deposit and bonus at least 40 times before being able to cash out your winnings. This number is slightly higher when it comes to card games. The playthrough requirements tied to them is 45 times.

The SuperNova Casino is a USA online casino that opened in 2016 but already it is on our list of trusted online casinos. Licensed in Curacao and powered by Rival Gaming they offer a variety of online casino games including live dealer casino games. Apart from a wider range of bonuses which you can find in their promotions section, SuperNova also offers an interesting VIP program which allows you to climb up levels and earn special privileges such as cash-back on your first deposit, birthday bonuses, special VIP members bonuses and many other perks. To find out more about this up and coming casino read our detailed SuperNova Casino Review.