Online Casinos Offer a Variety of Games

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If you haven’t played at an online casino before what are you waiting for?  Perhaps you have decided that you are ready to give it a go, but are just not sure how to go about it.  Well you have come to the right place.  Here at US Casino Report we are here to help you find the best USA Online Casino.  We are experts in this area and are here to help you.  Our site has everything you need to get started.  Even if you are an experienced player at online casinos we can still help you in many areas.

Maybe you are not sure which casino to start playing at or which game to play.  Most online casinos offer a huge variety of slot games and all the best table games.  Some even offer sports betting and a platform to wager on horse racing.  Check out our Casino Reviews page to help you decide where to start playing.  As a matter of fact we recommend playing at more than one casino to take advantage of the amazing deposit bonuses they offer.  As far as which game to play well that’s obviously up to you.  We recommend playing the game, or slot machine, you enjoy playing the most.  For example, the most popular online casino table game is Blackjack.  If you are not sure exactly how to play there are thousands of YouTube videos out there that explain everything.

The second most popular online casino game is Roulette.  Roulette is the easiest of the top table games to play.  Its straight forward and simple.  You can place bets that have just under a 50% chance of winning or take a chance betting you favorite number and paid 36 to 1 odds.  Roulette is also a fun game which you can play for a long time on a low bankroll.  Some online casinos offer a minimum bet of just 50 cents and that’s with a live dealer.  Both Blackjack and Roulette can be played with live dealers which we highly recommend trying if you haven’t already.

The third most popular online casino table game is Craps.  This is for players who like to place a lot of different bets and love action.  You can still play craps even if that’s not you as there are many simple, easy bets you can place.  It is definitely the casino table game with the most action though.

We recommend trying any of these games at an online casino especially if you are new as you can play all of these with a small bankroll.

Why You Should Try Live Dealers

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If you haven’t played with live dealers at online casinos you should definitely consider doing so.  It is quite the experience and the technology has truly evolved.  One of the benefits is the interaction you get even if you don’t want to be involved in the conversation.  Some online casinos the dealers can be quite entertaining and funny.  They tell stories, jokes, or just have conversations with whoever is talking to them in chat.  These conversations can be a lot of fun to listen to and you don’t even have to participate.  Here at we have listed many casinos that have live dealers. Play at the best USA online casino available.

One of my favorite casinos, and I have many, which has the most entertaining live dealers, is BetOnline. See our BetOnline Casino review for more details. The rotate dealers every thirty minutes and each dealer brings their unique style and entertainment.  And many of them are easy on the eye and they all speak English very well.  I’ve found myself very entertained for hours playing online and listening, and even chatting, with the live dealers.

Casinos offer live dealers in all the popular games including blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.  Many have tables where the minimum bet is 50 cents or a dollar.  If you are a low roller and are looking for some cheap entertainment, where you can make some money, playing online with live dealers is certainly an option to consider.  

Another amazing thing about live dealers is that you can play your systems, or try out new ones, very easily.  For example in roulette where there are literally hundreds of systems, there is no better play than online to try them out.  You can bet as little as 50 cents, and instead of having to reach over other players at the table to place your bet every time the ball is being spun, you can just hit the rebet button with the click of a mouse.  

The overseas casinos have done a great job at getting credit cards from the United States approved.  They all accept Visa and MasterCard.  And many of them accept American Express and Discover Card.  With states here in the United States legalizing online gambling it can actually be  easier to get credit cards approved at overseas casinos.  Many credit card companies won’t let you deposit at online casinos in this country whereas overseas companies don’t label the transaction as gambling.  Therefore it can be much easier to get your credit cards approved at overseas online casinos.  There are many deposit and withdrawal methods to choose from making it very easy to play.

Still Get The Best Bonuses

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Whether you live in a state which has their own online casinos or not, you still get the best bonuses from offshore online casinos like the ones listed here on our website. And while they may be listed in countries other than the United States, you can be certain your money is safe and the games are fair by using any or all of the USA online casinos found right here on US Casino Report.

The USA online casinos listed here not only offer sign-up bonuses but also offer reload and redeposit bonuses on an ongoing basis. In fact, many offer a bonus on every deposit you make. To claim the best sign up bonus simply use any of our links to visit the online casino and you will be automatically eligible for the best bonus being offered. Then when you are ready to make another deposit check the promotions or bonuses page at the casino to view the best bonuses being offered at that time.

Some of the other advantages to using any USA online casino listed include their ability to get USA deposits approved (including credit cards), fast withdraws, being licensed and the fact they all have an outstanding reputation in the online gaming community. In addition, we ourselves have played extensively at every USA online casino listed to make sure they offer a great user experience. We have made deposits, withdraws and contacted customer support to make sure these casinos are the best of the best for USA players.

Whether you like play online slots, table games and/or video poker, use one of our links to visit the online casino of your choice to make sure you get the best bonuses available. And if you like playing table games such as blackjack, roulette or baccarat, check out one of our recommended USA live dealer casinos. At live dealer casinos you play with a real live dealer just like you would at a brick and mortar casino connected by a live streaming feed.

Good luck, and remember to use our links to claim the best bonuses available. When you are ready to cash out you can be sure you will receive your funds quickly and effortlessly.

Different Types of Roulette Explained

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When playing at an online casino you may notice many online casinos offer different types of roulette. American Roulette is the most popular and most understood as this is the type of roulette you will find at most brick and mortar casinos. Online however you will also find European Roulette as well as French Roulette. If you have ever wondered what the different types of roulette entail read on for a explanation of the differences between American, European and French Roulette.

As stated, American Roulette is the most popular style of roulette and if an online casino just states “roulette” chances are it is American Roulette. In American Roulette there is a single zero (0) and a double zero (00) on the table. This is where the house or casino advantage lies. In American Roulette, if the ball lands on any zero all bets are lost except for the zero bet. The house advantage is higher in American Roulette because there is a single and double zero. In European and French Roulette there is only the single zero on the table.

European Roulette is played like American Roulette except there is only a single zero on the board. The house advantage is lower than American Roulette as there is only one zero on the board. European Roulette is popular online and you find plenty of USA online casinos that offer European Roulette. Many USA live dealer casinos also offer European Roulette.

French Roulette has the lowest house advantage and is the most advantageous for the player. In French Roulette there is only a single zero on the board and the rule “La Partage” states that if the ball lands on the zero all even money bets are split in half with half the bet being returned to the player and half the bet is taken for the casino. With getting half of your even money bets back, certainly it is easy to see why French Roulette is best for players however it is less popular and harder to find at online casinos than American and European Roulette.

If you want to play online roulette check out our top rated USA online casino Lucky Red. The Lucky Red Casino offers all three types of roulette, American, European and French. See our complete Lucky Red Casino review for details on this great USA online casino. If you want more of a brick and mortar casino experience, we recommend trying a live dealer casino. Play live dealer roulette and play with an actual person running the game.

Regardless which USA online casino you choose to play at you will always be able to find some type of roulette. See our online roulette page for more information as well as the best USA online casinos to play roulette online.

Stuck at Home? Try a Live Dealer Casino

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If you are stuck at home or spending more time at home due to the current situation with the COVID-19 virus, give a live dealer casino a try and get more of a brick and mortar casino feel. Using an online live dealer casino you actually play at a brick and mortar casino and are connected by a live streaming feed. Shake off a little cabin fever by interacting with a live dealer playing live dealer games.

A live dealer casino allows you to play from home at a brick and mortar casino with a real live person as the dealer. You are connected to the live dealer casino by a live streaming feed and can watch the dealer shuffle the cards, deal the game and/or spin the roulette wheel. Watch every aspect of the game just like if you were actually sitting at the table. The camera never leaves the table or the dealer.

See our listing of the best USA live online casinos and play some of the most popular casino table games. While the number of live dealer games are still somewhat limited, you can enjoy playing live dealer blackjack, live dealer roulette, live dealer baccarat and live dealer casino holdem. While these are the only live dealer casino games available at this time, we are pretty sure more are in the works. Live dealer play has become one of the most popular and fastest growing segments in the online casino industry.

So if you cant get out to the casino, bring the casino to you. Choose from the best USA online casinos and play live dealer games as well as standard online casino games, online slots, video poker and more. Every USA online casino has been in business for years and has an excellent reputation for fair games, easy deposits and fast withdraws. USA players have always had problems with banking but luckily these casinos have figured it out.

Get started at the best online casinos and always know your money is safe. If you like casino table games and have never tried a live dealer casino it is definitely worth checking out. So again, if your stuck in the house and cant go to the casino (or dont want to) bring the casino to your house by playing live dealer games online.

USA Casinos to Bet the 2020 SuperBowl

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If you want to play online casino games and bet on the 2020 SuperBowl, we have the best USA online casino/sportsbook combinations available. Today is the big day and the Chiefs and 49ers are set square off at 6:30pm EST in Miami. We think this will be one of the better SuperBowls of recent years but the game is always a little more fun to watch if you have a wager on the game.

There are plenty of USA online casinos to choose from but a few of the best USA online casinos available also offer an online sportsbook. See our full listing of USA online casinos with sportsbooks and know you will always be paid when using one of our recommendations.

Our top USA online casino and sportsbook combination is BetOnline. BetOnline opened back in 2001 first as an online sportsbook but has since expanded to offer one of the safest USA online casinos available. With almost 20 years experience you know BetOnline is here to stay. The sportsbook has won all kinds of awards and the online casino offers just about any casino game you can imagine including live dealer casino games. The casino also offers a huge selection online slots and video poker machines. If you want a great sportsbook and an online casino which offers a huge selection of games and slots sign up at BetOnline.

Another perk to signing up at BetOnline is their ability to get USA credit cards approved. BetOnline accepts just about every type of credit card available including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club. Use any of these cards and chances are it will be approved. In the event you do not want to use a credit card you will find plenty of credit card alternatives as well.

For more information see our full BetOnline Casino review and then use any link to be taken directly to BetOnline. If you want to play at a great USA online casino and also bet on this years SuperBowl, BetOnline is a great choice. And if you like casino table games we highly recommend you check out the USA live dealer casino.

Best USA Online Casino for Real Money 2020

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Lucky Red Casino ReviewPlay at the best 2020 USA online casino for real money, the Lucky Red Casino. We have listed the Lucky Red Casino as a top USA online casino since the very beginning when we started this website and that remains true for 2020. After played online extensively at Lucky Red and they deserve to be in the top spot here on our website and we proudly list Lucky Red as the best USA online casino for real money for 2020. See our Lucky Red Casino review for more details on our best 2020 USA online casino or read on below for the highlights of why we like Lucky Red so much and why they are the best.

Why Lucky Red is the Best Real Money Online Casino

Whether you live in the United States or not, there are several advantages to signing up and playing for real money at Lucky Red. For new players to Lucky Red the first advantage to signing up at Lucky Red is the great bonus you will collect on your first deposit. Slot players can collect a 400% match bonus up to a maximum of $4000 and if you want a table games bonus collect a 100% match up to $1000. The Lucky Red Casino bonus is a step above other online casino bonuses because of the terms and conditions associated with the bonus. If you read the fine print on most sign up bonuses you will notice most bonuses come with a maximum amount you can win and cash out. The maximum cash out is usually 3 or 4 x’s the bonus amount meaning if you claim a $1000 bonus you can only cash out $3000 or $4000 respectively. But what happens if you win more than that? Unfortunately if your bonus has a maximum cash out clause any winnings above the max cash out is forfeited and you lose it. Not cool – right? Well at Lucky Red there is no maximum cash out with the sign up bonuses so you can cash out everything you win. Whether you win $100 or $100,000, you can cash out every cent of your winnings, the way it should be!

The fact other online casinos limit the amount you can win and Lucky Red does not could be enough we think to make Lucky Red the best USA online casino for 2020 but there are plenty of other reasons why Lucky Red gets the top spot. Things such as a great selection of real money slots and games or the fact that USA credit card deposits get approved easily. Fast withdraws and a history of outstanding customer service are also legitimate reasons to have Lucky Red at the top spot as the best USA real money online casino.

Playing for Real Money from the USA in 2020

Living and playing for real money at online casinos from the USA ourselves, we know how important it is for an online casino to be able to get USA deposits approved and Lucky Red does not disappoint. While they only accept USA Visa and MasterCard credit cards, they do an exceptional job getting them approved. Every time you want to make a credit card deposit at Lucky Red it will get approved. We have made many deposits by credit card and have always had our deposits approved even still now in 2020.

When you are ready to make a withdraw request a bank wire or check and never worry whether you will be paid or not. Lucky Red had never missed a payment to our knowledge and bank wires are sent directly to your personal bank account and arrive in 5 business days. If you prefer a check you can expect to receive it within 10 business days at the most. Banking options and the ability of an online casino to get deposits approved and their history of sending timely payments is huge in our mind and one of the most important factors when evaluating an online casino. If we are going to name an online casino the “best”, you can be assured the casino has outstanding banking options and Lucky Red does.

Play at Lucky Red

Play online at what we feel is the best 2020 USA online casino for real money and be sure to use one of our links to make sure you receive the best bonuses possible. Many bonuses are exclusive to our visitors and by using our links the casino will know you came from our website.

If you want to choose from close to 100 different online slot machines and just about every online casino game imaginable, sign up at the Lucky Red Casino. For even more information on this great online casino see our complete Lucky Red Casino review and then get started at the best 2020 USA online casino for real money. For more USA options, see our complete listing of the best real money online casinos.

Why Use a Live Dealer Casino?

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The latest advent in the online casino world is the addition of live dealer casinos. And while live dealer casinos have now been around for several years, it seems just about every online casino is now adding a live dealer casino to their mix of offerings. But what is a live dealer casino and why should you use one?

A live dealer casino is basically a software program which allows a player to be logged into an online casino and have access to a land based, brick and mortar casino through the use of a live streaming feed. In other words, a live dealer casino is an actual brick and mortar casino where as the player you can play at the brick and mortar casino through the use of cameras and microphones connected by a live streaming feed. The easiest way to compare a live dealer casino to everyday use is to think of using “FaceTime” when making a phone call. Using FaceTime you can see and hear the other person at the other end and you watch what they are doing. At a live dealer casino however the dealer and the people on the other end cannot see you.

With the use of a the live streaming feed, you can see what is happening with your game at the other end and then through the use of the online casino software you can interact with the dealer during the course of the game. For example, when playing live blackjack when it is your turn to act on your hand, prompts will appear on your computer screen and you click whether you want to hit, stand, split, double, etc. So in short, using a live dealer casino is just like playing at a brick and mortar casino but you play from the comfort of your own home and interact with the dealer and the game through the casino software.

So now that you have an idea of what a live dealer casino is, why use a live dealer casino? There are several advantages to using a live dealer casino over a standard online casino. The biggest advantage in our mind is the fact it is an actual person dealing the cards and/or running the game rather than a computer. Using a standard online casino, a computer software program determines the outcome of the game using random number generating software. While this software is truly random and fair, nothing is better than a n actual person helping to determine the outcome of the game rather a computer. And if you are a conspiracy theorist, if you have ever wondered whether an online casino is truly fair, you can put those suspicions to rest by using a live dealer casino.

Another advantage to using a live dealer casino is the fact the betting limits are higher and you can bet as much as $10,000 per hand depending on the live dealer casino you choose. You do not have to be a high roller to use a live dealer casino however. You can bet as little as $1 for roulette and $5 for most other live dealer casino games.

So if you like to play casino table games, a live dealer casino is definitely worth checking out. Currently you can play blackjack, baccarat, roulette, casino holdem and super 6 using USA live dealer casinos. For more information on each of the games see our pages dedicated to playing live dealer blackjack, live dealer baccarat, live dealer roulette and live dealer casino holdem. Then choose any of the live dealer casinos we recommend, all of which allow USA players.

So get started and open an account at one of our recommended USA live online casinos and play with a real live person as the dealer instead of a computer. If you like playing the games offered by live dealer casinos you may not ever play again using a standard online casino. And as more games become available using a live dealer we will surely list those games here. Just keep an eye on our news section as we will list that information there as soon as it is available.