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Get Credit Cards Approved

January 25, 2014 Category :Banking 0

DepositsIt can be very frustrating when you find an online casino you plan on playing at but cant get a deposit approved. You download the software and sign up as a new player but when you click the cashier button and enter your credit card information your transaction comes back as declined. This would frustrate us as well and as a result we built this website and put together pages outlining the best United States online casinos that get deposits approved.

Whether you want to deposit with your Visa, MasterCard or American Express, you can see all the USA casino deposits available and find the casinos that get credit cards approved. All the casinos we list have the best US credit card acceptance rates in eh industry.

Our best USA online casino for making credit card deposits is the Grand Parker Casino. Grand Parker accepts both US Visa and MasterCard credit cards and has the best credit card deposit success rates in the industry. Every deposit we have made at Grand Parker using our credit card has always been approved. See our Grand Parker Casino review for more details and also claim up to an $8000 bonus for signing up through our website. If you have trouble in the past getting a credit card approved you wont have that trouble any longer by using Grand Parker.

WinPalace is another great United States casino for Visa and MasterCard deposits and they too will get your deposit approved. If you want to use an American Express credit card we have you covered there as well. While there are not many US online casinos that accept American Express, the ones that do have great success rates.

So if you want to get your US credit card deposits approved us eour recommended casinos. See a full list of online casinos that accept Visa deposits, MasterCard deposits and American Express deposits.

By using these casinos you will no longer find yourself frustrated by being able to get deposits approved. Be sure to use our links to claim the best and biggest bonuses available.

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Get the Fastest Payouts

September 5, 2013 Category :Banking 0

5Dimes Casino ReviewAn important feature we look for in any online casino is easy and fast payouts. When we play at online casino and win we expect to be able to receive our winnings quickly. After all it is our money and we should be able to receive it quickly. Be careful as some online casinos deliberately stall payments and require a long waiting period before they are processed. This is simply a ploy to get you to play casino games more because in the long run they know the odds are in their favor.

We do not condone the above practice and actually will not play at a casino that stalls or puts payouts on hold for a “review” or “processing” period. One or two days to review the payout is acceptable and we can understand that. Any longer than 2 or 3 days and the casino is deliberately holding up your payment.

One casino that has the fastest and easiest payouts is 5Dimes. We write this post as we requested a payout just yesterday and we already today have received our cash pickup details and already went and collected our cash. In less than 24 hours 5Dimes has reviewed, processed and sent our payout and we have received it. We have never dealt with another USA online casino where we have received our payouts that quickly.

Sign up at 5Dimes and you also can receive these fast payments and play at a great online casino. 5Dimes is also one of the few USA casinos that offer live dealers. You can play against live dealers for blackjack, baccarat and roulette. Of course regular computer games and slots are also available.

For more information see our 5Dimes Casino review to sign and start playing today. 5Dimes also has very good USA credit card acceptance rates so you can always also get your deposit approved.

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