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First Time Deposit Casino Bonuses

January 11, 2023 Category :General 0

Casino bonuses are there for you to get on your first time deposits.  There are thousands of dollars in free money available to you and we are here to tell you that we believe you should take advantage of them to the fullest.  USA Online Casino is the place to start.  We are currently highlighting seven casinos including our featured Lucky Red Casino, Aladdins Gold, and BetOnline Casino.  Lucky Red Casino currently has a 400% slots match bonus up to $4000 and a 100% table games match bonus up to $1000, Aladdin’s Gold has a 200% match bonus on your first seven deposits, while BetOnline casino has a 200% deposit bonus up to $5000.  These Casino Bonuses are amazing for because they want your business.  They will do almost anything to get you to play at their casino for real money and they all accept USA players.

There are many more casinos that we recommend for you to check out.  We also highly recommend depositing at more than one online casino because of the deposit bonuses.  Depending on how much money you are willing to deposit you can make thousands of dollars in free money.  Even if you don’t want to deposit a lot at one time you can come back and deposit again at another online casino.  Most of these online casinos now do a great job of getting USA credit cards approved such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, and American Express.  We always recommend that whatever online casino you choose that you make sure it has the deposit option you want to use.  Also, if you don’t want to use a credit card to deposit many now accept BitCoin.  It is simple, fast, and there’s usually no fee involved.  Some online casinos even accept cash transfers such as Western Unior and Money Gram.  Visit our Casino Banking page for all the details.

If you are into sports betting or betting on horses at all the major racetracks make sure you choose a casino that has what you need.  The sports betting industry is a multi billion dollar industry and these online casinos often have everything you need.  It used to be you had to place your wager on a sporting event before the game started or you couldn’t bet that particular game.  Not anymore now that there is live betting.  You can basically bet on any event anytime during the game.  The odds are constantly changing making it a great way to stay involved with a game you may be watching live on TV.

Many Players Like Live Dealers

January 7, 2023 Category :General 0

Many players these days prefer to play with live dealers.  Good thing there are many casinos that offer this option if you are one of them.  Being an online USA casino player you have many options these days when trying to decide which online casino to play at for real money.  With so many choices how do you decide where to play.  Well for starters our USA Online Casino page is a great place to begin.  We currently have seven casinos listed there including our featured casino Lucky Red Casino.  Other casinos that you can find all kinds of information on here include Aladdin’s Gold, BetOnline Casino, and Ignition Casino.  We not only have highlights for each online casino, we also have full reviews as well.

OK back to live dealers, USA Live Dealer Casinos, and why some people really like playing with them for real money.  First of all it is pretty amazing that you can play for real money with a real live dealer from the comfort of your own home or from anywhere you choose.  You can even sit next to your buddies in the comfort of your own home and both be playing at the same time.  Most, if not all, casinos have live dealers now simply because of the demand for them.  And with the technology and graphics these days it is an amazing experience.  Some players prefer playing for real money at online casinos with live dealers for the entertainment it provides.  Some dealers are very funny and others tell great stories.  Of course if you prefer not to listen to dealers talk you can always mute the volume.  Even other players like the chat option where you can chat with other players and the dealer.  There are so many reasons to play with live dealers for real money including the hands take a little longer which can be a good thing.  Most people play for the fun of it.

Some of the table games that have live dealers include the most popular table game of all Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette.  And at most casinos you can play for as little as one dollar or even fifty cents.  Some online casinos have a little higher minimum bet, but its still way less than brick and mortar casinos where its almost impossible to find a minimum bet table of less than ten dollars. If you haven’t yet tried it now may be just the time.

USA Online Slots for Real Money

January 1, 2023 Category :General 0

By far the most popular game to play at online casinos for real money is slots.  There are hundreds of different slots games and the software at most casinos is absolutely amazing.  If you want to play Online Slots for Real Money we have all the information you need to get started.  We understand it can be intimidating to sign up at an online casino to play slots for real money or any other game for that matter.  Our USA Online Casino page is the best place to get started.  It is a snapshot of the current best online casinos to play at for real money for USA players.  And we update it when necessary to make sure you have all the up to date information.

We have a few highlights for each casino including the all important first time deposit bonus.  This is so important because you only get one time to make a first time deposit bonus and the online casinos are literally giving away thousands of dollars to get you to play at their casino.  Just take a minute to think about how amazing that is for the USA player who wants to play for real money.  And if you are smart enough (which of course you are) you will sign up at more than one online casino to take advantage of more than one first time deposit bonus.  We want you to deposit as little money as possible to get the most free money.  Yes free money is exactly what it is.

Our current top online casino to play at for real money is Aladdin’s Gold Casino.  Some of the reasons are because they have been at it since 2004, there’s a 200% match bonus on your first seven deposits, they do a good job of getting USA credit cards approved, and they have an outstanding selection of slot games. We highly recommend checking out Aladdin’s Gold Casino as a place for you to possibly play at online for real money.  Some of the other casinos we like include Lucky Red, Vegas Crest Casino, Slotland, BetOnline Casino, and Bovegas.  All of these casinos are recommended for USA players.  They have amazing first time deposit bonuses, lots of slot games to choose from, table games galore including many of them with live dealers, and they all do a great job getting USA credit cards approved.  Make sure you check out everything on our website to get started.

Best USA Mobile Casinos

December 30, 2022 Category :General 0

There are many online casinos for USA players to choose from when it comes to playing online for real money.  Our USA Online Casino page currently lists the best online casinos for USA players to play at for real money.  We currently have seven casinos listed including our personal favorite Lucky Red Casino.  This casino is definitely worth checking out if you are a USA player looking for an online casino to play at for real money.

More and more players are now playing at online casinos for real money from their mobile device.  We have a page, USA Mobile Online Casinos, dedicated especially for this.  There so many things to consider when trying to decide which online casino to play at.  One of them is of course how good is their mobile casino.  Most of them are really good for this as casinos understand that’s how many players want to play.  We currently have seven casinos listed for you to check out as we feel they are the best in the business to play at on your mobile device.  Some of these casinos include the aforementioned Lucky Red Casino, Vegas Crest Casino, Aladdin’s Gold, and BetOnline Casino.

Other things to consider when trying to decide which casino to play at online for real money are how is there live casino and what games do they have live dealers for, how good are they at getting USA credit cards approved, how easy and fast are their withdrawal methods, and how are their first time deposit bonuses.  These are all important questions and some are more important than others to you the USA online casino player.  Luckily for you we have done all the research for you and have it all here for you to see.  We rank only the best online casinos for USA players to play at for real money.  There are many casinos out there that we do not rank or review here.  Only the best make our website.

Pay close attention, especially, to the first time deposit bonus.  You can literally get thousands of dollars in free money when you do it the correct way.  Our Casino Bonuses page has everything you need to get started.  If possible try to spread your deposit money over two or more casinos to get the most possible free money.  This will also give you an idea of which casino you will like playing on the most for real money.

USA Online Casino Reviews

December 26, 2022 Category :General 0

There are many things to consider when trying to decide which USA Online Casino to play at for real money.  There are such things as banking which include deposits and withdrawals, or which online casino slots and table games they have, who has the best online live dealers, and maybe most important of all the size and ease of the first time deposit bonus.  If you haven’t yet played at an online casino for real money all of this can be quite intimidating.  And understandably so.  We no need to worry as we here at US Casino Report have all the information you need to get started and its all explained in a manner that is simple to understand.

Lets start with what is probably the most important thing as that is the first time deposit casino bonus.  You can find everything you need on our Casino Bonuses page.  The main two things you want to look for when checking out an online casinos first deposit bonus is how big it is and how easy, or hard, it is to play through.  Every online casino requires you to play a certain amount of real money to be eligible to keep the deposit bonus.  That doesn’t mean the deposit bonus is bad or anything its just that they aren’t going to give away thousands of dollars if you are just going to deposit and then cashout without playing.  Believe it or not, people used to do that in the early days of online casino bonuses forcing casinos to require a play through.

Another thing to look for is Casino Banking.  Casinos can be slightly different is which deposit methods they accept from USA players although often they are very close to the same.  Its important to check out for example if they accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, and/or American Express.  Some may not accept the card you are planning on depositing with.  Also, its important to take a look at their withdrawal methods and how quickly they process your withdrawal.  Again, you can find all if this information here on our website.

You may be interested in playing at an online casino for real money with live dealers.  This for you would then be important to check out which online casinos have the best live dealer games and software.  We can safely say that all of them are at least good to play at, but its up to you to decide which one is best for you.

Why You Should Try Live Dealers

December 18, 2022 Category :General 0

If you haven’t played with live dealers at online casinos you should definitely consider doing so.  It is quite the experience and the technology has truly evolved.  One of the benefits is the interaction you get even if you don’t want to be involved in the conversation.  Some online casinos the dealers can be quite entertaining and funny.  They tell stories, jokes, or just have conversations with whoever is talking to them in chat.  These conversations can be a lot of fun to listen to and you don’t even have to participate.  Here at we have listed many casinos that have live dealers. Play at the best USA online casino available.

One of my favorite casinos, and I have many, which has the most entertaining live dealers, is BetOnline. See our BetOnline Casino review for more details. The rotate dealers every thirty minutes and each dealer brings their unique style and entertainment.  And many of them are easy on the eye and they all speak English very well.  I’ve found myself very entertained for hours playing online and listening, and even chatting, with the live dealers.

Casinos offer live dealers in all the popular games including blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.  Many have tables where the minimum bet is 50 cents or a dollar.  If you are a low roller and are looking for some cheap entertainment, where you can make some money, playing online with live dealers is certainly an option to consider.  

Another amazing thing about live dealers is that you can play your systems, or try out new ones, very easily.  For example in roulette where there are literally hundreds of systems, there is no better play than online to try them out.  You can bet as little as 50 cents, and instead of having to reach over other players at the table to place your bet every time the ball is being spun, you can just hit the rebet button with the click of a mouse.  

The overseas casinos have done a great job at getting credit cards from the United States approved.  They all accept Visa and MasterCard.  And many of them accept American Express and Discover Card.  With states here in the United States legalizing online gambling it can actually be  easier to get credit cards approved at overseas casinos.  Many credit card companies won’t let you deposit at online casinos in this country whereas overseas companies don’t label the transaction as gambling.  Therefore it can be much easier to get your credit cards approved at overseas online casinos.  There are many deposit and withdrawal methods to choose from making it very easy to play.

Take an Online Vacation

July 5, 2017 Category :General 0

Now being the middle of summer, it is that of year when many people take a vacation. Whether headed to the beach, a campground, a city destination or casino, you can always take a mini vacation by playing at an online casino. Online casinos allow you to enjoy a favorite hobby (playing casino games and slots) anytime you want without even leaving your house. And if you are planning on taking a vacation to a brick and mortar casino, you can always get in a little practice before leaving.

Today’s technology allows players to enjoy casino games and slots without even stepping outside their house and live dealer casinos actually bring the casino to you. The latest online casino technology is the “live dealer casino” which allows players to play at a brick and mortar casino right from their computer using a live streaming feed. Like making a phone call using Skype, via a live streaming feed you can see the dealer and the table at the casino and using the casino software place your bets and interact with the game. You are actually playing at a brick and mortar casino only instead of sitting at the table you are sitting in front of your computer. The experience really is great and if you ever wondered about an online casino cheating or “stacking the deck”, using a live dealer casino those suspicions can be taken away. You can see the dealer, table, and game at all times while “sitting” at the virtual table.

Unfortunately at this time only a few online casino games are available using a live dealer casino. Play blackjack, baccarat, roulette and casino hold’em using a live dealer casino and hopefully more games like Craps, Let it Ride, 3 Card Poker and others will be available using this technology. The popularity of live dealer games is astounding, and we think ore games will be offered in the near future. See more on playing live dealer casino games as well as the USA live dealer casinos we recommend. If you like to play casino table games, we think you will really like playing at a live dealer casino.

If you prefer playing online slots, enjoy playing at the best USA online casinos that offer online slots for real money. By playing online you can choose from a huge variety of machines just like you would find at a brick and mortar casino. Playing online however you do not have to walk around aimlessly to find the slot machine you want to play and at the betting levels you want to play. Using an online casino simply browse the slots lobby for the machine you want to play and then choose the coin value you want. We always suggest playing slot machines (online or at brick and mortar casinos) for the maximum number of coins available. By doing so you are eligible for any special bonuses and higher payoffs for making the max bet.

Whether you want to take a little virtual vacation or want to hone your skills and practice before visiting a brick and mortar casino, choose a USA online casino recommended here and you can always be sure your money is safe and you will receive any withdraws requested. Another advantage to using the real money online casinos listed here on our website, because we also live in the USA and play online extensively, we have made sure every online casino listed gets USA deposits approved easily. You will be able to fund your casino account without any problem and enjoy playing hundreds of table games, slots and video poker machines. If you like playing blackjack, roulette, baccarat and/or casino hold’em we highly recommend trying a live dealer casino.

Good luck and enjoy your vacation, virtual or otherwise, and remember to always play within your limits so the games stay fun!

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No Triple Crown This Year

May 22, 2016 Category :General 0

Horse racing proved again this year just how hard it is to win the Triple Crown. Before last year it had been decades since a horse was able to win all three big races even though American Pharoh made it look easy. There was high hopes for a repeat with Nyquist this year, but Exaggerator ended those hopes beating Nyquist down the stretch in yesterdays Preakness.

Yes you are still on the right website to play and learn about online casinos, but we also like to follow horse racing and almost any big sporting event. In fact we we even have a webpage which shows the best online casinos with sportsbooks. If you like to play online casino games and online slots for real money but also want the ability to bet on sports, see one of those highly rated and safe online casino/sportsbook combinations.

You may want to use a sportsbook to bet on the upcoming Belmont Stakes, as with Nyquist losing yesterday you can expect more horses to enter the Belmont looking to win the 3rd leg of the triple crown. Since there is not a triple crown contender you can expect there to be good odds to make some money. The Kentucky Derby has historically been a race where if you can pick the winner you could expect a good payday, but with the favorites winning back to back years the payouts have smaller than usual. Now the Belmont looks to be the race where even if Nyquist or Exaggerator wins the race, you should get at least 3-1 odds if not better. This could be the rave where you can cash out a big exacta or trifecta.

If you want to bet on the Belmont or any other sporting event for that matter, use one of the safe online casinos we recommend that also offer a sportsbook. You can use both from the same account so there is no reason to make two deposits and spread your money between accounts. Make a single deposit to a USA online casino and enjoy all the games and slots the online casino offers and also use the sportsbook to bet on just about anything related to sports.

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