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House Edge of Most Popular Casino Games

September 23, 2015 Category :Games 0

The house edge of a game at a USA online casino explains, in simple terms, the profit the casino expects to make from the game in the long term. Most casino games have a house edge of around 5%, meaning that statistically the casino expects to make around $5 for every $100 staked. Here we take a look at the house edge of some of the most popular online casino games around, starting with online slots.


The house edge in slots is quite high in relatively terms, but this reflects the fact that slots, especially progressive ones, give you the chance to win huge amounts relative to your stake. At blackjack, for example, the biggest payout is 6/4, whilst slots can pay thousands times your spin value, or even millions with the progressives. The house edge for slots is usually around the 5% mark, although it can vary from as little as 1% to as much as 15%. To get started see the best online casinos to play US online slots.


Roulette has a house edge of 2.7% if you play the single zero, European/French version of the game, or almost double that, 5.26%, if you opt for the double version. That should make your choice pretty clear – never play the 0, 00 roulette variant. If, for whatever reason you do play American roulette (with two zeros) then never place a bet on the top line (0, 00, 1, 2 and 3) as that has an even higher house edge of almost 8%! Play roulette online at our top US online casinos.


Blackjack differs from the games above in that the player must use optimum play, or Basic Strategy, in order to reduce the house edge to the bare minimum. Using Basic Strategy the house edge can drop to less than 0.5%, although 0.7% is probably more typical and some variants of the game may have a house edge of much more than that. See the best online casinos to play blackjack online.

Video Poker

As with blackjack, the decisions made by the player impact the house edge and in order to keep the casino’s advantage as low as possible the player should use a video poker game guide. Again, as with blackjack, there are many variants of video poker and the house edge varies. Theoretically in certain instances it can be negative, meaning the player can expect to PROFIT, although in practice a house edge of around 0.5% is more common. Play video poker online at any of our top recommended USA real money online casinos.


Playing Online and Mobile Roulette

September 9, 2015 Category :Games 0

All US online casinos offer the great casino game of roulette, perhaps the most famous casino game in the world. Increasingly a number of the best US legal casinos also offer this glamorous game in their mobile casinos too, and if you’ve never tried playing roulette then you really are missing out. Here we take you through a step by step guide to playing roulette either online or on your mobile. Then choose the USA online casino of your choice and get started playing online.

Join a Casino

We’ve made this easy for you, with our USA online casino reviews offering you the lowdown on the various features and benefits of our partner casinos. All of the casinos we feature here are ones we trust, ones that offer great casino bonuses, have good, reliable software and a wide choice of games and promotions. Joining is easy – just like registering at any online site or making any online purchase.


The best online and mobile casinos may offer more than one style of roulette and the best to opt for is usually European or French roulette. Choose a roulette table with a single zero for the best chance of winning and avoid progressive or bonus versions of roulette, at least while you get to grips with the basics. Navigating to the roulette table should be easy, with simple access from the home page and most casinos offer instant play options as well as download versions. You can also play live dealer roulette where you use a live casino where the dealer is an actual real person in a casino and watch over a live streaming feed. See our USA live online casinos for details and give live roulette a shot.

Betting on Roulette

Betting on roulette is easy because if you choose single zero online roulette, no matter what you bet on, your overall long-term return should remain the same because all bets have the same risk/reward ration. Betting on red/black, odd/even or high/low is a good place to start to get a handle on the basics, with this roulette bet having just under a 50% chance of winning and returning even money, so if you bet $10 and win you get $20 back.

For higher risk bets that offer more return you can bet on almost any combination of numbers, right down to a single number which pays out at 35/1, meaning a $10 win will return $360!

Mobile or Online

Modern mobile casinos mean you can play roulette online whenever and wherever you like as long as you have internet access. It’s so convenient and most mobile casinos are instant play – just visit the casino on your cell and away you go! See the top instant play casinos we recommend here at US Casino Report. Of course they all accept US players.


Blackjack House Edge

August 26, 2015 Category :Games 0

The house edge is effectively the casino’s advantage over the player in any given game, with a house edge of 5% meaning that for every $100 you wager, the casino, on average, will win $5. One of the reasons blackjack is so popular at US online casinos is that it has a low house edge, with a figure of around 0.7% fairly common at the excellent blackjack sites we work with. That means that if you were to play 100 hands at $10 a pop you would expect to be down by just $7 given “normal” luck.

With loyalty points, casino bonuses and just a tiny slice of help from Lady Luck, it’s easy to overturn that tiny advantage, especially when you consider the house edge on other casino games. Slots can be as high as 15%, roulette more than 5% and sometimes as much as 35% on keno!

As said, this explains, at least partly, why blackjack is such a popular online game, especially with USA players. However, within the game of blackjack there can be quite a big difference in the house edge. The house can vary according to the type of blackjack you play and also depending on how you play. In order to obtain the lowest house edge with whatever ruleset you play you must adhere to basic strategy, however, playing a blackjack variant with favorable rules is just as important in achieving a low house edge.

One of the biggest factors that affects the house edge is the number of decks used. One deck is great for the player and the difference on fairly standard rules between using one, four or eight decks is shown below:

  • One deck – house edge 0.15%
  • Four decks – house edge 0.56%
  • Eight decks – house edge 0.63%

Another massive factor and one very easy to spot and avoid, is to make sure you only ever play blackjack that offers a full 3/2 pay for blackjack itself. Every USA online casino we feature here do exactly that but should you play at a casino that pays at 6/5, the house edge will jump from around 0.6% up to almost 2%.

Playing a blackjack variant with the lowest house edge possible, including rules that allow you to double after a split, double on any two cards and which offers re-splits, will increase your chances of winning, so always be aware of the rules before you take a seat! To get started and play blackjack online use any of our links to visit the USA online casino of your choice. All welcome USA players and offer a great blackjack experience. Also see the USA live online casinos which offer live dealer blackjack. If you are a serious blackjack player a live dealer casino is a must to check out.


Best Progressive Slot: Aztec’s Millions?

June 18, 2015 Category :Games 0

Anyone who has ever played slots at a USA online casino will have seen progressive slots, the linked games that offer huge, life changing jackpots than can reach six, or even seven figures. However, which is the best progressive slot around that US slots fans can play? In our opinion, it has to be the RTG favorite, Aztec’s Millions.

The jackpot at the time of writing stands at a mighty $1.7m and even when that’s won it will still be worth a cool $1m, the minimum jackpot on this amazing slot. Aztec’s Treasure was a big hit for RTG, arguably the best US-facing casino software company, and with Aztec’s Millions they have built on that success, adding extra win lines and a progressive jackpot that is guaranteed to always be in seven figures!

With five reels and 25 paylines the basic structure of the slot will be familiar to many slots fans which is a good thing because playing is simple and easy to understand. There is also no messing about having to change the spin value or number of lines you play, with no option to reduce the lines from the full 25 and each line costing 20c for a total of $5 per spin.

That may sound like a lot but with a huge jackpot up for grabs its reasonably good value and the fact you know exactly what each spin will cost keeps things nice and simple. Moreover, given just about every US online casino offers new customers a huge slots bonus, you can try and hit the big one with bonus cash, rather than your own funds.

Five Aztec’s Millions symbols will land you the progressive but other massive wins can be had for four of the jackpots symbols, five Aztec Queens or via the free spins bonus. The bonus is triggered, as with most slots, by the scatter symbol, in this case the Aztec Idol, with five free spins the starting point sure to land a nice win, but 25 free spins the best bonus and almost certain to give you a BIG win.

The graphics and sound are as good as the gameplay so why not throw yourself into Mexican jungle life and see if you can grab that $1.7m jackpot today!

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Advantages of Playing Live Dealer Casinos

April 10, 2015 Category :Games 0

Before online casinos came along in the mid-late 1990s, if you wanted to try your hand at roulette, blackjack or baccarat you’d have to hotfoot to the nearest bricks and mortar casino… which might just involve a lengthy road trip or a cross-country flight! Then everything changed and suddenly casino fans were able to get their hits on their home computers. That’s been all well and good for a number of years, but after a certain number of electronic hands of blackjack or spins of the roulette wheel a lot of people crave something that feels just a little more authentic. And that’s where US live dealer casinos come in.

Here we give you the top four advantages of playing live dealer casino games at a USA online casino:

1. Authenticity – The whole point of live dealer casinos – which stream live video feeds of real people dealing your cards or spinning the roulette wheel – is that they add a sense of realism to the casino experience. Of course, it’s not quite the same as standing around a table in your favorite Vegas haunt, but compared to the electronic graphics that we had to settle for before, it is a major improvement.

2. Convenience – And of course you retain the convenience that made online casinos so popular in the first place. You can play from home whilst watching a movie, or – with the advent of mobile gaming technology – you can even play while out and about (or even when at work… but don’t let the boss read this!)

3. Bonuses – It is rare for the average Joe to get handed any kind of bonuses in bricks and mortar casinos, with the big freebies there reserved strictly for the high rollers. But playing live dealer casinos online gives you access to a whole load of bonuses that can run into the thousands of dollars, helping to turn the odds in your favor just a little more.

4. Hot dealers – It is not a prerequisite of being a dealer for a live dealer casino that you have to be highly attractive, but somehow a lot of them tend to be exactly that. So as well as having great games and bonuses, you also get the added bonuses of, how shall we put it, aesthetically pleasing dealers to add to the overall experience!

So try one of our recommended USA live online casinos and try all the different live games available. You can play live dealer blackjack, live dealer baccarat , live dealer roulette and live dealer casino holdem. These are the only live games available at this point but the particularity live dealer casinos have received you can expect more live games to come online soon.


Playing Casino Games

November 8, 2014 Category :Games 0

Online Casino GamesHave you ever wanted to play a certain casino game but didn’t because you do not quite understand the game? If that was ever the case you can see a listing of casino games here on USCasinoReport and also learn how to play and the see the rules of the game. You can even play for free using play money to start. Then once you are comfortable with the game you can make a deposit and start playing for real money.

There are some fun online casino games that many players do not know about simply because they have never given them a chance. Games like Sic Bo, Red Dog and Pai Gow Poker are a lot of fun but less popular because the average casino player has never given them a chance. Another game worth trying is Craps. Craps is a lot of fun and full of action but can be intimidating if you do not understand the game. We ourselves use to be leery of playing Craps at land based casinos just because we did not fully understand the game and how to play.

See a listing of the most popular casino games and learn the rules and how to play them. You can even see some basic strategy for playing the game. We also have a listing of the best online casinos for playing each game as not all online casinos offer the same games. Once you become familiar with the game choose a USA online casino to start playing and if you want to start with play money that is always available. Once you get more comfortable with the game you can make a deposit to start playing for real money and also claim a great bonus.

Do not be afraid to try a new game because you have nothing to lose. Play for free to start and then if you realize you do like the game you can start playing for real money. While we do have a listing of the most popular casino games, our sister site Online United States Casinos has one of the largest listings of casino games many of which you may not even heard of.

Get started and try something new. You never know – you may find a new game that will become your new favorite casino game to play. Good luck and be sure to use our links or a link at Online United States Casinos to make sure you are eligible for the best and biggest sign up bonuses available.


Play Against Live Dealers Online

November 1, 2014 Category :Games 0

Live DealersThe latest innovation and popular feature to hit USA online casino play is the ability to play against live dealers online. Play popular table games and watch the dealer and your game in real time over a streaming feed. You interact with the dealer in real time and the games are played just like you would play them a land based casino. Live dealer casino play has become very popular and if you haven’t tried it yet it is worth checking out.

Only a few US online casinos offer live dealer play and you can find the best listed here on USCasinoReport. Sign up through our website and play live blackjack, baccarat, roulette and casino war. Also by signing up through our website you are eligible for any exclusive bonuses the casino may offer. Claim a great bonus when you sign up and make your first deposit.

All the live dealer casinos we recommend do an excellent job getting USA credit card deposits approved. Deposit with your USA Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit card and you can always expect to get it approved. Our recommended US live dealer casinos, and all casinos in general, have the best USA credit card acceptance rates in the business. When you are ready to cash out you can also expect to receive your winnings quickly. We have made several withdraws at each recommended casino to make sure you will receive your withdraw quickly.

Our top recommended live casino is the BetOnline Casino. BetOnline has been in business since 2001 and has always welcomed USA players. Play live dealer blackjack, live dealer baccarat and live dealer roulette at one of the best US online casinos on the Internet. The games are fast and the graphics great. BetOnline has outstanding USA credit card acceptance rates and you can withdraw by wire or cash transfer. See our BetOnline Casino review for more details and to sign up.

Play at any of our recommended USA live online casinos and save a trip to your local brick and mortar casino. Playing live dealer games are the closest you will come to actually visiting the casino. Watch your game and the dealer in real time for the most popular casino games. Again, if you have not tried a live dealer casino yet and you like playing blackjack, baccarat or roulette you really must check it out.

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Roulette Strategy for Online Play

June 11, 2014 Category :Games 0

Roulette WheelQuite simply, short of cheating, there is no way to beat the roulette table. It’s a mathematical certainty that if you play long enough you will lose. Pretty somber way to start an article on roulette strategy but it is important to know the truth and face facts. Stick with us however, because what we can show you is the best way to play roulette to give yourself the best chance of winning in the short-term and losing as little as possible in the long-term. See a few roulette tips and perhaps more importantly what to avoid when you play roulette online.

Starting with the basics, there is no way to beat the magical wheel in roulette. If 30 reds in a row come up the chances of a black number coming next is just the same as it was when you started, roughly 50%. If the number ZERO comes up twice in a row doesn’t mean it will or won’t come up next. The wheel has no memory and the odds remain the same. If you lose five spins in a row: your chances of winning or losing on the sixth spin remains the same.

The biggest single thing to avoid when playing roulette, either online or offline, is to think you have a system that works. Many people think that by doubling their stake when they lose they will win eventually. This is in fact one of the worst gambling “systems” and is called “The Martingale System”. Unless you have unlimited funds, unlimited time and a casino with no maximum stake, it’s a sure-fire way to lose money.

So, what can we do to win? Honestly the best things are most commonly the most simple. First off, pick a reputable USA online casino. Any casino listed here will do as all have outstanding reputations for fair play and easy banking options. All also offer big bonuses with reasonable wagering requirements and all can be trusted to be safe, fair and, most importantly, pay you your winnings.

The other top roulette tip is also incredibly simple. Play for fun, quit while you’re ahead and never, ever, ever, we mean never – chase your losses. Good luck and enjoy some of the best online roulette casinos the Internet has to offer. It is also worth while to check the USA live online casinos which offer live dealer roulette. You play live roulette online using a real live person as the dealer and get as close playing at a land based casino as possible but still playing from home. See more about playing live baccarat online. You may never use a standard online casino again.

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